Zhifeng Bao                                                                                     

Senior Lecturer
Computer Science and Information Technology,
RMIT University

Honorary Fellow
School of Computing and Information Systems
University of Melbourne

Contact: firstname dot lastname AT affiliation dot edu dot au


I am looking for PhD/master students to work with me on various data usability and machine learning projects
If you are a highly motivated and creative student and interested in doing database research, please contact me (see prospective students)

I obtained my PhD in computer science from National University of Singapore (NUS), and was the winner of the Best PhD Thesis AwardI hold an honorary fellow position at University of Melbourne and a senior lecturer position at RMIT.  I am also the program manager of RMIT master of data science program.

My research is supported by Google, Australasian Research Council and Data61. I am generally interested in big data management, data visualization and machine learning. In particular, I enjoy designing end-to-end visualized data exploration systems for urban data, multi-dimensional data, and applying machine learning algorithms to solve traditional database query optimization problems. 

News (archived)


- May:

our paper "Trajectory-driven Influential Billboard Placement" has been accepted as a full paper in ACM SIGKDD18 research track (acceptance rate: 10.8%, 107 out of 983)

our paper 'Torch: A Search Engine for Trajectory Data' has been accepted as a full paper at the ACM SIGIR 2018 (acceptance rate: 21%, 86 out of 409)

- April: Three ACM SIGMOD 2018 demo papers accepted

     Trip Planning by an Integrated Search Paradigm (video, online demo)
DITA: A Distributed In-Memory Trajectory Analytics System

     POISam: An Efficient Object Selection System for Interactive and Visualized Exploration of Geospatial Data (online demo)

- Two Tier-A* ACM WSDM 2018 papers accepted

      S. Wang, Z. Bao, S. Huang, R. Zhang. A Unified Processing Paradigm for Interactive Location-based Web Search. WSDM 2018.           
M. Li, Z. Bao, F. Choudhury, T. Sellis. Supporting Large-scale Geographical Visualization in a Multi-granularity Way. WSDM 2018 (demo). 

- Two Tier-A* ACM SIGMOD 2018 papers accepted!
     Z. Shang, G. Li, Z. Bao. DITA: Distributed In-Memory Trajectory AnalyticsSIGMOD 2018.                                        
     T. Guo, K. Feng, 
Z. Bao, G. Cong. Efficient Selection of Geospatial Data on Maps for Interactive and Visualized Exploration.  SIGMOD  2018      

Research Interests
I am highly interested in how to make data usable to data consumers, and make the implementation of such usability module as efficient and generalized as possible. In particular, I have been playing actively in: 

Research Topics:

    - Data Visualization & Visualized Data Exploration

    - Trajectory Data Mangement   

    - Geo-located Data Integration and Cleaning

    - Spatio-Textual query processing

    (1) Keyword Search, (2) Machine Learning Algorithm, 
    (3) Exploratory Search Paradigm
, (4) Data Provenance Tracking.


Google Faculty Award 2015

Singapore Infocomm Development Authority Medal and Prize 2011

Best PhD Thesis Award of Class of 2011 (The only Winner)

School of Science PhD Supervision Award 2017

ADC 2017 Best Paper Award
DASFAA 2017 Best Student Paper Runnerup Award
ADC 2016 Best Student Paper Award
ADC 2016 Best Demo Paper Award

Best Paper Nomination:

   The 23rd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2014)
   The 33rd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2014) - Best Student Paper Award Nomination 
   The 2013 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM)
   The 17th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA 2012)
   The 25th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2009)

Selected Professional Services (Full List)

PC Co-Chair:    
    ER 2018 (Demo Track)

    ADMA 2017 (Demo Track)

    DASFAA 2017 (Workshop Track)
    APWeb 2016 (demo track)
    ADMA 2016 (Best Paper Award Committee)
    XML-DM 2012

Program Committee of  recent Tier-A* International Conferences:    

    2019 -  ICDE, EDBT
    2017 -  VLDB, ICDESIGIR
    2016 -  SIGIRIJCAIVLDB (demo track), ICDE (demo track, TKDE Poster Track),