A Word from the King

Many fireworks enthusiasts point to the tradition of Guy Fawkes celebrations. On 5 November 1605 Londoners were encouraged to celebrate the King's escape from assassination by lighting bonfires. However there were no fireworks and the King urged caution in the original bonfire celebrations. 

"always provided that this testemonye of joy be carefull done without any danger or disorder"

Speak Up for your Animals!

During 2013 we started getting people to log incidents and when they heard fireworks. Here are our initial results.

2013 Incidents Logged

130 Incidents Logged Total
33 reported injuries or deaths

2013 Deaths

  • native bird – white faced heron (reported by bird rescue volunteer
  • cat run over
  • 2 horses*
*note this does not include Alice Hayward’s horse killed during Commerical Pyrotechnics display earlier in the year

Injuries and Damage 

The following injuries and damage were most commonly reported.

• Horse leg injuries (including life threatening or performance career ending)

• Fence damage

• Smashing doors, walls or windows to escape house

Other Harm
63 who reported “NO Injury” this year, reported non injury events such as stress, vomiting, 

running away, hiding, damage to paddocks, uncontrollable shaking, defecating uncontrollably. 

Stress and concern for the behaviour of pregnant mares or newborn foals was also highly reported, 

Abandonment of newborn fawns by deer has been reported by members of Deer Farmers Assoc.

Anxiety and Reports of Fireworks – Time Period

  • The greatest number of people 58% worried about / reported fireworks in their neighbourhood for 2 weeks around Guy Fawkes
  • 26% of people reported worrying about their animals\fireworks for the entire 3 month period from November to Jan (Guy Fawkes to New Year)
  • 76% reported fireworks outside of the 1 week period of Guy Fawkes, and 11% of people reported concern for fireworks all year around (365 days a year)

Sedatives and Calming products

  • 54% (70 people) reported purchasing sedatives or other supplies to calm their pets for fireworks season at an average cost of $78 (Total spend $5076.82)

scared dog

We know we've started too late to change legislation this year, but we can work toward 2014!

Log It! Information

All the incidents, costs, photos and videos will be collected as part of the petition to present to parliament, and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to have the current regulations amended.

Previous petitions, and evidence gathering has often been 'anecdotal', or somewhat piecemeal.  The SPCA gathers information on the increase in lost pets each year, but there is no clear information on the costs, damage, injury or deaths caused so parliament often only looks at fire statistics. 

Ban Fireworks,
Oct 28, 2013, 3:30 PM