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Western Professional Hockey

western professional hockey
    professional hockey
  • This is a list of ice hockey leagues, both professional and amateur, from around the world; parentheses denote year of establishment and, where applicable, year of disestablishment.
  • (of a wind) Blowing from the west
  • relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts; "the Western world"; "Western thought"; "Western thought"
  • a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development
  • Living in or originating from the west, in particular Europe or the U.S
  • Situated in the west, or directed toward or facing the west
  • a sandwich made from a western omelet
western professional hockey - Keenan: The
Keenan: The High Times and Misadventures of Hockey's Most Controversial Coach
Keenan: The High Times and Misadventures of Hockey's  Most Controversial Coach
He clashed with Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull, Bob Clarke, and Denis Savard. But he has won championships on two of hockey's greatest stages: the Stanley Cup and the Canada Cup.
Mike Keenan's legend as a coach, and general manager is unrivaled in hockey history. Love him or hate him, everywhere he has gone he has made a lasting impact at every level of the game, and on every team he has coached or managed - sometimes positively, often negatively.
From Keenan's earliest coaching days in junior hockey to his disastrous time with the Vancouver Canucks to his recent attempts to return to the NHL, Keenan takes an honest inside look at the most controversial coach in hockey history.

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United Airlines, Western Hockey League advertisement, circa 1968-69
United Airlines, Western Hockey League advertisement, circa 1968-69
The old professional Western Hockey League (1952-1974) at one time had been considered to become the NHL's western division. In the days of the six-team NHL, the WHL had many of their own superstars such as Guyle Fielder, Art Jones, Phil Maloney and Jim McLeod. Clockwise starting from the top left puck: Vancouver Canucks, Portland Buckaroos, San Diego Gulls, Denver Spurs, Phoenix Roadrunners, Seattle Totems. League logo in the center.
Portland Buckaroos Table Hockey Player
Portland Buckaroos Table Hockey Player
I played a lot of table hockey as a kid, and I had always hoped they would come out with a table hockey game featuring teams of the old professional Western Hockey League. I'm still waiting, so in the meantime I'll just make my own players on photoshop...

western professional hockey