International Banshee Class Association

The International Banshee Class Association is now operational. The current active fleets are:

- Fleet One in Sacramento, CA

- Fleet Two in Santa Cruz, CA

The Banshee Class Executive Committee is:

- Steve Galeria, Fleet One Captain

- Charles Witcher, Fleet One Member-at-large

- Wayne Cassingham, Fleet Two Captain

- Phil Vandenberg, Fleet Two Member-at-large

- Mel Morrison, The Banshee Class Builder

Plans for developing a Banshee Class website are under way, as of November 1, 2014.

The old Banshee Class Web Page is now more of a historical website. When operational it provided information, albeit dated, about: Banshee History, Events, Discussion Forum, Class Association Officers, Class Rules (old), Other Banshee Pages, Hull Lines, Maintenance Tips, Sailing Tips, Owners & Locations, and Items For Sale.