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Garden Birthday Party Decorations

garden birthday party decorations
    birthday party
  • The Birthday Party (originally known as The Boys Next Door) were an Australian post-punk group, active from 1976 to 1983.
  • a party held on the anniversary of someone's birth
  • King Cole's Birthday Party (also known as Birthday Party) was an early American children's television series which aired on the DuMont Television Network. The program was broadcast from 1947 to 1949. Little is known about the series. Each 30-minute episode featured the real birthday of a child.
  • The process or art of decorating or adorning something
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Teapot Birthday Cake
Teapot Birthday Cake
Made this for a little girl's birthday. Thanks for the inspirational teapot cakes out there..this was my first one..made it from rice krispie treats in the ball pan. spout and handle from gumpaste attached with white chocolate..the teapot was covered in white choc ganache then fondant. The 7" tier was raspberry chambord cake (for the adults) and the 10" cake was chocolate buttermilk cake..bother covered in white choc ganache and then fondant. The invitations and decorations were matching colours. Thanks for looking :)
so the balloon carried me away...
so the balloon carried me away...
11 days after I turn 18, my parents decide it is time to take down the birthday decorations. "I don't want to pop the balloons mum." - "Why don't I take a photo of you holding your ballons while jumping on the trampoline so it looks like you are flying. - "Oh go on then." So here is the final edit :)

garden birthday party decorations