Corporate Kids Bannister Child Development Center
Welcome to the Bannister Child Development  site!

We would like to welcome you  to the Corporate Kids Bannister Child Development Center.  At Corporate Kids Bannister we are interested in your child’s total development.  Our programs are designed to promote confidence, creativity and self-esteem.  Our teachers are professionals trained in early childhood education or child development.  They understand that young children learn best through play, in a safe and healthy environment.  Like you, we want your child to enjoy their childhood – to live, to learn and to laugh each day.

            Between birth and age 3, children make enormous strides in development, more rapid and dramatic than at any other period in their lives.  Even a few months can make a big difference in the skills and interests of an infant or toddler.  Infants and toddlers have enormous, contagious (although sometimes exhausting!) enthusiasm for learning.  They seize every possible opportunity to explore, discover, and figure out the world surrounding them.  Very young children learn all the time, not just during planned learning activities.  They can find something interesting in the most ordinary situations with the most ordinary materials.  Our center believes that having an environment that supports exploration and challenges learning experiences is vital to supporting infant/toddler growth.  Our teachers are very loving  and enjoy sharing in the lives of the children intrusted to our care. 

            Our preschool program follows the Early Literacy Curriculum (ELL).  This curriculum has proven to be the leader in early childhood education and we have been thrilled with the results when we send children to Kindergarten.  Please see attached sheet on the ELL curriculum. 

            Parents are always welcome to visit their child at the center.  We plan many social and educational events throughout the year and enjoy having so many parents that come and participate with their children. 

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