Lay Leadership

Chair of Council:                              Jerry DeShane
Vice Chair of Council:                      Alec Kearns
Lay Member Annual Conference:     Dennis Jones
Sunday School Superintendent:       Kathy Watkins
Pastor Parish Relations Chair:          Hannah Proctor
Recording Secretary:                        Peggy Parrott
Lay Leader:                                       Dennis Jones
Finance Chair:                                  Beverly Tippett
Finance Secretary:                            Jean Watkins
Trustee's Chair:                                Dyrl Watkins
Children's Ministries Chair:              Andrea Bullock
Community Events Coordinator:      Peggy Parrott
Communion Steward:                       Gretchen Wendley
Membership Secretary:
                     Ruth Parrott
UMW President:                                 Darnelle Averre
Missions Team Chair:                        Rita Bristow
Historian/Cemetary Chair:                Joe Gallagher
Church Treasurer:                             David Swanson
Parsonage Treasurer:                        Alma Blackley
Council Members at Large:               Gary Williford, Judy Hunt, Dale Holcombe
Evangelism and Outreach Chair:       Chip Bristow
Young Adult and MYF Chair:             Kenny Proctor, Hannah Proctor
Mini Methodists Chair:                      April Shaeffer

Committee Memberships
Evangelism/Outreach:                     Chip Bristow (Chair), Bonnie Cohen, April Shaeffer, Dennis Jones
Trustee's:                                         Dyrl Watkins (Chair), Robert Bristow, Alec Kearns, Greg Shaeffer, Curtis Tippett, Al Norris, Tracy Holcombe
Lay Leadership:                                Gina Miller (Chair), Dennis Jones, Beverly Tippett, Joe Gallagher, Janice Watkins
Pastor Parish Relations:                    Hannah Proctor (Chair), Joanne Tippett, Dennis Jones, Chip Bristow, Dryl Watkins, Anna Swanson,
                                                         Rebecca Norris
Finance:                                            Beverly Tippett (Chair), Jerry DeShane, Jean Watkins, David Swanson, Dennis Jones, Hannah Proctor, Gina                                                                 Miller, Dennis Jones, Dryl Watkins, Kathy Watkins
Building Committee:                         Heber Wendley (Chair), David Swanson, Joe Gallagher, Dennis Jones, Dale Holcombe, JoAnn DeShane,
                                                          Frank Dellea