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Download the Bankston/ Bankson volume of the Rambo Family Tree (click here).  Some corrections are needed, but Ron has been way too busy having fun with his new (first ever) wife and various projects for the Swedish Colonial Society as of today 8 May 2018.

DNA analysis is transforming genealogy
and can be as informative as the internet.  Exactly like the internet, DNA research needs massive participation to fulfill its potential.
PLEASE, We appeal to ALL Bankston descendants to have your DNA tested by FtDNA.  It is especially vital that our OLDEST cousins participate.  If you are fearful for any reason, you can stipulate that your results be kept absolutely private and that your specimen be destroyed after testing.
DNA can contribute to knowledge about Bankston ancestors and thereby help other Bankston cousins prove their ancestry.  Even better, before long your DNA might just lead you to remote cousins who can solve your genealogy puzzles.

new Bankston DNA page has links to explanations about using DNA for genealogy and to our (Anders) Bankston DNA Haplotype and to an example of the most recent development, the Family Finder chromosome graph.

NEW.  Click HERE to see the entire Time line for Lawrence Bankston & descendants from 1693 to 1850.
NEW on Oct 1, 2013  A new version of the Rambo Family Tree Volume 3 containing descendants of Anders Bankson is attached below, filename: Rambo Vol 3 - Sep 2013. 

You lucky Bankston cousins can order a copy of the Rambo Family Tree, Vol.3, Descendants of Gertrude (Rambo) Bankson by phone from AuthorHouse at (888) 280-7715; it costs $25 + about $6 for S&H.  The AuthorHouse web site has proved frustrating to use for ordering books, so the phone is recommended.  You can also  download this read-only PDF of that book: eBankson.pdf.  ENJOY.  Be WARNed that it is 4939k and may take a couple of minutes to download & show up.  Also check the Rambo genealogy web site for newer, editable ASCII downloads. ( )

The attached LaurenceJohnSpartanburg.doc  is a research report for Lawrence Bankston and the Rev. John Bankston of Guilford/Rockingham counties, NC and Spartanburg Co., SC.  Thanks to Brent Cantrell for his excellent Hughes Map (PICT0002.JPG).  Please contribute corrections, additions, and comments for inclusion as this work progresses.  Newly Updated 25 Feb 2010.

The following Bankston Timeline spreadsheet has hyperlinks to photos of documents:

Bankson time line

Display the entire Bankston timeline spreadsheet (above) by clicking on this link  
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5)  I recommend that you first make a working copy of the original so that the original can be trusted to be intact.

Documents with signatures of the early Bankston ancestors are linked in the spreadsheet above and collected in Picasa albums.  You can click on the document photo shown (left) to see one entire album.
  You can download the photos freely.  Please contribute by sending any similar photos of early documents. 

The information here is the newest material on the web.  We've accumulated more information, but no one has said anything, so new updates are on the back burner.   Let us know if you are interested:

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As a Bankson descendant, you are eligible to become a forefather member of the Swedish Colonial Society:

Bankson family, Bankson genealogy. 12 Jan 2011.
Nearly all Bankson & Bankston families descend from Peter Gunnarson Rambo.
The entire 2300-page Rambo Family Tree is downloadable at
as two 8-Meg read-only PDF files.

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