About me

My name is Andrew Banks. I am married and live in Austin, Texas.

Half of my life was spent chasing a dream to be a movie maker, including majoring in Cinema in college. Even before that, I had made about three dozen short movies with friends.

It was wedding videos — my attempt to get my start once out of school — that burned me out so bad that I haven’t wanted to pick up a camera much since then.

While my major, in school and in life, was moviemaking, my minor, in school and in life, was writing. I particularly like writing nonfiction. That’s not what you might have guessed, since I much preferred making fiction films over documentaries.

Since making the switch to technical writing, I was quickly able to make a lot more money than I did making movies. That isn’t saying much though.

Most of the writing I do ends up on the corporate intranet, and, well, who's going to keep up the intranet? So I was happy to find that my technical writing led into web design, which I also had enjoyed doing on the side since college.

Contact me

I’m not going to just put my email address on a public web page, where spambots crawl night and day. So you will have to exercise some intelligence to prove that you are human.

If you look in the web page’s address, you will see my account name. If you know that I have an account with Google’s popular email service, you will be able to string together my email address.

Comments about the content on this site are welcome.