Bank Rakyat Loan

  • The land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake
  • sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water); "they pulled the canoe up on the bank"; "he sat on the bank of the river and watched the currents"
  • tip laterally; "the pilot had to bank the aircraft"
  • An elevation in the seabed or a riverbed; a mudbank or sandbank
  • A slope, mass, or mound of a particular substance
  • depository financial institution: a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities; "he cashed a check at the bank"; "that bank holds the mortgage on my home"
  • lend: give temporarily; let have for a limited time; "I will lend you my car"; "loan me some money"
  • loanword: a word borrowed from another language; e.g. `blitz' is a German word borrowed into modern English
  • A thing that is borrowed, esp. a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest
  • An act of lending something to someone
  • the temporary provision of money (usually at interest)
bank rakyat loan
One Malaysia
One Malaysia
captured by arabischenab & dangdungdeng utk bank rakyat merdeka advertisement...dapat loan interest 0%..hehehe... p/s masuk surat khabar siak...(kosmo & utusan)
mampos dh bank rakyat
mampos dh bank rakyat
kepada yg ade buat loan ng eja.. hmm lmbt sket la sbb dia dh......
bank rakyat loan