Universal Banks

A universal bank has the same powers as a commercial bank with the following additional powers: the powers of an investment as provided in existing laws and the power to invest in non-allied enterprises.

 Allied Bank Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines Banco de OroBank of the Philippine Islands
 Development Bank of the Philippines Land Bank of the PhilippinesMetropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Philippine National Bank
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
 Security Bank Union Bank of the Philippines United Coconut Planters BankPhiltrust Bank

Commercial Banks

In addition to having the powers of a thrift bank, a commercial bank has the power to accept drafts and issue letters of credit; discount and negotiate promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange, and other evidences of debt; accept or create demand deposits; receive other types of deposits and deposit substitutes; buy and sell foreign exchange and gold or silver bullion; acquire marketable bonds and other debt securities; and extend credit.

 Asia United Bank Bank of Commerce BDO Private Bank  East West Bank
 Philippine Bank of Communications Philippine Veterans Bank   

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