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They Tried To Tell You You're Too Young

posted Mar 25, 2011, 1:20 PM by Jared Libby
They told you you're too young or too old to take music lessons, so now you think you should stop listening to that little voice. You know. The nudge that keeps picking organized sounds on guitar, or banjo, or fiddle, or voice, or tuba, or whatever in your mind. Or your young kid's mind.
You don't need to give up finding the right playing buddies or instrument teacher. There ARE music teachers and social pickers out there who will evaluate and relate to the person, and not the age group. I have taught 6 year old kids to play folk guitar, as well as 75 year old ladies to play really mean tenor banjo!
Be persistent in your musician search, be obsessed with music, sing instead of speak your mind, practice in earnest, and have fun playing every day every chance you get--you'll play within a year, no matter what your biological age!

In Anti-Ageist Musical Solidarity,