The Banjo-Fella 

Assorted musical rubbish composed 
by Eoin O' Drisceoil during fits of chronic boredom.

When he's not busy procrastinating, burning small children and talking about himself in the third person, Eoin O' Drisceoil quite enjoys finding enough time in his hectic schedule to sit down and write the occasional song.

His style is somewhat eclectic in its influences and genre, and while most people assume that this is because he is attempting to be progressive, the truth is that he tends to be, as he puts it, "very drunk at the time". Not yet posessing the technology to record live instruments, he instead adopts electronica-esque synthisers which are sequenced using Fruityloops.

It is an unfortunate fact, however, that 90% of all people to listen to Eoin's music have contracted Cholera, Hepatitis, AIDS, Tuberculosis and Meningitis shortly afterwards. As such, he doesn't have much of a fanbase. Whether or not any of this is linked with the quality of his work remains to be seen.

As of now, none of his songs actually contain any banjos - but he likes Sufjan Stevens a lot, so you never know. 


Links and Stuff by Other People which is GUDD: 

Sinecakes - The music of my good friend Alan "The Kroc" Waller. He's insanely good, and keeps getting even better in an insanely short amount of time. As such, he is one of trouser win. But, really, have a listen to his music, and hopefully be as inspired as I've been.