Satanism through illuminati

The nation is heading to a stage where the illuminati people will be fulfilling their goal of making one world government where they will be having dominion and control over everything ranging from manipulation and operation of people's minds through scientific means, economy and so forth. Some of the videos with information about illuminati group has leaked recently. The year 2018 has been set as final one before which world government that control everything will be started. Evidence can now manifest through African National Congress that it is partaking in preparation for this imminent one world government. Go through this following passage and find out more:

One world government and ANC’s participation in its preparation/ Implementation.

Illuminati group are the people who are working for the devil’s kingdom from behind the scenes of different country’s governments. They are working on plan of making ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which will be referred to as “god” for the whole world; And this “god” government will control everything on earth including the banks whereby  there will be one bank for the whole world; It will take charge and control of everything such as, newspapers, televisions, radio stations and a lot more including the people whereby people’s minds will be scientifically hypnotized, captivated and controlled which is already happening in South African with the people not aware of it because they are already hypnotized through service delivery and other means by the ruling party which is African Nation Congress.

The illuminati’s one world government is a conspiracy that has been going on from long time and it started in United States.

One world government is scheduled or proposed to start in year 2018. African union is among the list of countries’ union mentioned. Therefore if African Union is in a list; that is supposed to tell us that South Africa is one of the countries participating in the formation of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which means that South Africa is one the countries targeted to be swallowed in and controlled under one world government where there will be one god to worship which Lucifer or Devil or Satan or whatever you may call it.

The darkness and the Light cannot operate or rule together especially because it is a principle that darkness cannot survive in presence of Light.  It was impossible for this one world government kingdom to survive and operate in the presence of the Kingdom of the living GOD. This fact made it to be imperative to make some means to scientifically phase out Christianity which is the part of God’s Kingdom which he set to operate through Christians on earth.

The first step to phase out Christianity was aimed at introduction of democracy under the name of “freedom “ which was easily adopted because people were coming from various forms of apartheid oppressions and other experiences.

People will feel compelled to submit and worship Satan through one world government because if they resist they won’t survive because everything will be under control of one world government.

Anything that devil would like to deposit into the country at present moment, he either uses the demons/evil spirit or illuminate to liaise with and advise executive members of the leadership of the country to design the evil/ungodly laws; which is a conspiracy that operates from behind scenes of governments. And the people are already hypnotised and captivated well enough not to see it.

Each country has it ways how it fulfils this illuminati’s  one world government. African National Congress which leads South Africa has also its own ways of fulfilling Illuminati’s plan of one world government.

Below are some of satanic gestures taken by African National Congress for the fulfilment of illuminati’s one world government, the devil’s kingdom which will control the whole world:


1.      Controlling of the country through Introduction of democratic government.

Democracy is a conducive atmosphere created for the operation of illuminate in any country where democracy has been adopted.

It is a “remote control” illuminati uses to operate the countries through some sort of colonisation which cannot be seen easily by the unspiritual people. It becomes very easy for the illuminati to control the countries as well as it inhabitants because democracy liberates the people from being governed by the living God who demands holiness from people who belongs to him which is a difficult thing for people to adopt except those who are set apart or Christians.  This democratic liberation movement frees the people to live the life as they please regardless of God’s principles and hence they are automatically joined into Satan’s kingdom without confessing with their mouths.

That is first remarkable and indefensible fact, sign and evidence that African National Congress is working for devil’s kingdom to convert people to it.


2.      Controlling of the country through controlling their spiritual lives.


Another baby given birth to by democracy is that: “ALL RELIGIONS ARE EQUAL”. This is one of the most cunning methods used to phase out Christianity (the hindrance) in order that people’s spiritual lives can be controlled easily. The Christians took it easy because hypnotic injection was already taking course their lives, however they preached against it which made no difference anyway because this is matter of God’s Kingdom, the CHURCH not church denominations.


Apartheid regime operated the country in line with God’s principles which were laid out by missionaries. The missionaries started the schools and hospitals as part of ministry of preaching and propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

When the apartheid government took over the schools and hospitals, they did not change their way of operation including curriculum; that is why religious education and biblical studies continued to be taught from primary school, high schools and in tertiary level.

Prayers continued to be conducted in the morning assembles before classed began and after classed before school closed. That also included the operation of students Christians organisations in learning institutions.

That aided a lot in terms of teaching the children to fear the LORD as early as at primary level and even at high school level. The country developed, flourished and was blessed with this this system of raising God fearing nation, but that was a huge hindrance to the kingdom of Satan , that is why he devised plan of introducing democracy.


As an evil gesture of taking control over everything ANC’s  government banned corporal punishment and prayers which were conducted by none other than Christians at South African schools. It legalized abortion, it legalized teenage family planning and introduced “CHILD SUPPORT GRANTS” to ensure promiscuity and hence aids deaths and orphans.

 All these was followed by false curriculum which was especially designed:

Ø  To mislead the children and tell them that, there is no God which has instilled fixed false belief to people with an aim of scientifically directing them to believing in  ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, the god of which is Satan,

Ø  To instil the propaganda of evolutional education in children in order that they grow up not knowing God except Satan as their god.  The most of  the teachers are as well getting deluded through this false curriculum of evolutional education. This evolution is instilled at the critical stage where children are still having weak minds which ensures that they take everything they are taught as true and as result they live by it when they are grow up.


3.      Taking control over families to be under control of Satan’s One world government.

ANC’s aims of banning corporal punishment was nothing else, but to liberate the children from the control of their parents and hence remote operating them for the benefit of Satan’s one world government.

The fruits ANC desired by banning corporal punishment are as follows:

Ø  Destruction of black education,

Ø  dropping out of school before matriculation and hence

Ø  shortage of skills,

Ø  crime,

Ø  sexual immoralities,

Ø  teenage pregnancy,

Ø  abuse of parents at home and people in the community,

Ø  drug and alcohol abuse

Corporal punishment accomplishes it purposes through inflicting pains on one to whom it is applied. That is why it was easily agreed to and adopted by many women because its prohibition was protecting and liberating them too; Therefore, in that manner, ANC government has children and women already in its hands under its control in preparation for ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Their god democracy liberates them to wear what they like to wear at any time any where even if they get represented as prostitutes some of whom are almost nude in appearance. They are also free to speak, sing and dance in any way they like such as dancing erotic dance in the public view, they drink as much as they like. And when they do all that; their parents are held in big heavy chain by ANC government through the law.


4.      Scientific control of people’s mind to be used for the benefit of the Devil.

A hypnotic injection is already instilled and operating in controlling people’s minds of different ages whether they like or not. That is a huge achievement for Satan’s kingdom so far.

A lot of evilness has been gradually introduced one by one by ANC for the benefit of Satan’s coming kingdom. People are gradually hypnotised, captivated and controlled through wickedness and ungodly laws ANC is introducing continuously.

A few among a multitude of evilness ANC indulge people with is:

·        Production, licensing and advertisement of heavy drinks and or alcohol containing beverages which is all done regardless of its known detrimental and fatal consequences.

·        Imposing, forcing and allowing promotion of sexual immoralities such as legalizing broadcasting of soap opera, kissing tips, loves poem, pornographic wallpapers and video clips, sale of pornographic dvd videos in music shops, publishing of portions of pornographic newspapers and magazines. This also help to transfer Satanism from one person to another  during the act of sexual immorality.

·        Legal rights of publishing pornographic material on the internet, all of which is done with an aim of keeping the minds and feelings of people under control and overwhelmed until the coming Satan’s one world government come to pass. That is the scientific control and operation of people’s minds and their lives from a distance.

·        Transferring Satanism through music and dvd music and movies ( people keep their eyes stuck to music and movies on television and they also keep their ears plugged with earphones to listen to music unaware that Satanism in music and movies they are watching and  listening is getting transferred in a process.)


5.      Taking control over churches.

The atmosphere in the churches has already been turned into a conducive for the operation of one world government which ensures that there is nothing that the churches can do to oppose it except staying hypnotized, captivated and controlled under its operation. This is happening in churches without Christians knowing about it.

The churches were long prepared for this one world government long time ago through spiritual gifts bearers as the leaders of the churches and they are unaware of that fact. Even if you may ask them they will deny it because a fixed false belief was instilled in them before they were even granted spiritual gifts that,

·        God need churches instead of the CHURCH,

·        God rewards and recognize a person by a number of people he is preaching to every Sunday as well many branches he is heading, instead of the fact that God seeks his will to be done from a person.

·        Division of the servants with spiritual gifts which are meant to build CHURCH of GOD.

Lifestyle in churches has also completely changed to favour the unbelievers e.g. sermons are now motivational based as opposed to sound gospel aimed at building people’s characters as well as teaching and equipping the people for the building up the CHURCH and accomplishing God’s purpose on earth.

In most of the cases, the spiritual gifts are getting deposited in people with a content of evil spirit in the form of angel of light where spiritual gifts are used to start individually owned churches instead of working together for building up the CHURCH. When these churches have been started, the people who started them using their spiritual gifts, they refer to themselves as founders of those churches. They continue to do that even though they know that there is one and only FOUNDER of the CHURCH Jesus Christ. This is supposed to tell us that these founder of churches are sitting in position of CHRIST Jesus their HEAD. They have been hypnotized well enough to partaking in politics, They like self recognition as founders of the churches.

Dress code in these churches is in favour of the devil, because people present themselves half naked, their bodies are tattood and or decorated with jewellery, body painting, they practice erotic dances as well as singing and dancing music with satanic rhythm.


6.      Deliberate bloodshed.


There is no way that we can talk about one world government which devil’s kingdom and not talk about bloodshed, because bloodshed is what identifies and make Satan’s kingdom stand.

When the people have been well hypnotized, captivated and controlled through promotion of heavy drinks they become subject to all of its fatal and detrimental consequences such as: Wernicke's Encephalopathy, Korsakoff's Syndrome or 'wet brain', Serious Mental Disorders, alcoholic fatty liver, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome; Cardiomyopathy; ulcers, and cancers of the intestines and colon, Osteoporosis, and so forth ;which all lead to death.

Amongst other things are:

·        sexual activities under influence of hypnosis of alcohol the sum of which is teenage pregnancy, aids and death,

·        the people who are getting killed in car accidents being hypnotized, being under control of governments heavy drinks which all results to bloodshed.

·        Bloodshed which is kept constant year by year to keep the kingdom standing especially during public holidays such as Easters,  Christmas and so forth.

·        People who are hypnotized, become out of control of themselves and cause domestic violence also commit suicide.

Hypnotic control of people makes it easy for government to keep them sleeping around , shed the blood of virginity, get pregnant and shed the blood of the developing baby in the womb and eventually die from aids.

Hypnotic control of people through heavy drinks, indulging and pampering them into sexual immoralities have achieved government a lot in terms of upliftment of the name of devil’s kingdom in such a way that, certain days and months have been converted to holidays such as : world aids day, world cancer day,……etc, And Christian holidays are eradicated with aim of wiping out good works and history about what Jesus did, in order that devil’s work can be uplifted and celebrated through ANC government in preparation for one world government.

7.      Taking control through hidden code (666) system.

ANC has created itself a lot of unemployable people with an aim having people whom it will control through financial support.

Having been hypnotized with heavy drinks and porn, people are pampered and indulged into promiscuity the result of which is teenage pregnancy, abortion, aids, drug and alcohol induced mental illnesses. This has helped ANC a lot in holding people captive which is supposed to last until actual day of 666.

Quote: “ The crux and heart of the illuminate is *mass planetary initiation* (666) where they will force the world to invoke Satan as god and receive a digital scannable tattoo on their right hand and forehead and without  this “mark” you will not be able to buy or sell and those without the mark will be quickly identified, arrested and put to death.

Therefore , before the actual day of 666, ANC is preparing people’s and feelings through scanning pornography, drugs and alcohol, poverty, all types of immoralities and wickedness into their lives. And to keep people hooked;

·        Those who get pregnant, they are encouraged by being awarded with money known as child support grants.

·        Those who have acquired drug and alcohol induced mental illnesses, they also paid amount of certain money to keep them believing and voting ANC until the day when it will be swallowed in one world together with them.

·        Those who have acquired aids, they will also be paid a certain amount to maintain their trust in ANC.

ANC government has been so successful to hook a huge number of people into porn, promiscuity, and alcohol and drug addiction which so that it is easy to take full control of them so that they can be used for the benefit of the illuminati’s one world government or Satan’s kingdom. Skills shortage is also not a mistake, but a plan to take full control of people financially in preparation for one world government. This is all done so that people can be financially controlled through grant system. Youth subsidy is fitting exactly into this case.

All these grants are operating in the place of illuminati’s coming 666 which means that people are injected, scanned with evilness such as porn, drugs and alcohol, sexual immoralities and more; the manifestation of which works accomplishes the works of 666.



8.      Controlling the country through evil forces

The day when the ANC publicly dedicated the country to ancestry worship was the day when people were supposed have their widely opened and see African National Congress with another eye. It is an individual’s decision who to worship, but ANC’s act of dedicating the nation to ancestry worship painted a clear picture and provided enough evidence that it is working towards fulfilment of the illuminati’s goals of forming one world government which will force every inhabitant of the country to worship Satan and if they refuse, they will be killed.

This act of ANC was aimed at turning the Christians as well as the whole nation from its initial belief of serving the living God to serving and worshipping Satan and they accepted that unaware that they were being signed into Satanism. This evil act of the ANC follows the other where prayers that were conducted by Christians at schools were prohibited by ANC with an aim of eradicating Christianity.

By all this African National Congress is fulfilling one of the principal goals that will help the illuminati group to establish a sure foundation for Satanism through one world government, where people will be forced to worship Satan and killed if they refuse to do so.

This plan of one world religion which is Satanism has been successfully prepared for by ANC here in South Africa. ANC has achieved this goal by making use of any opportunity that arises to captivate people into this coming one world religion which is Satanism such as:  designing evil laws, development and service delivery.   

9.      Opposition parties and voters are standing a high risk.

 The coming 2014 election carries high risk to the voters for African National Congress, because the preparation for one world government are getting more serious now as it is proposed to start in 2018 after failing several times to initiate it. Law is expected to be more wicked and binding to everyone including opposition parties. It wont be  a surprise to see ANC swallowing in the all other opposition parties through any kind hypnosis, law enforcement, terms and conditions for corporative governance and so forth. The campaign of eradicating Christianity is expected to take another level. A person with wide open eyes can see that ANC is hastening a process of taking control over everything including people and even opposition parties appearing as the only one that is the service provider for everything to create more trust in people. More strikes and more bloodshed is expected

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Banjani Zuma,
Feb 14, 2013, 8:47 AM