BARCC's Governance Structure*


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Two principles guide BARCC in its relationship to the community: access and transparency.  Membership in BARCC is open to any individual interested in supporting recovery in the greater Bangor area.  BARCC maintains that in order for the voice of recovery to remain central to its process, individuals in recovery are recruited and encouraged to participate. It is also not necessary that an individual be in addiction recovery, but they must be allies in supporting recovery in the community.  All members must agree with the mission and purpose of BARCC, and follow the guiding principles established by the coalition.


BARCC is accountable to the recovering community itself.  To ensure the voice of recovery in the Bangor area remains heard, BARCC will hold an annual summit or conference on recovery.  This will be, in essence, an annual meeting of


its membership or constituent community.  BARCC will utilize these opportunities to report to the recovering community, as well as to hear from the community pressing issues and needs.  As with its inaugural summit, this feedback will help guide the coalition through the following year.

In addition to the annual meeting, BARCC meets as a coalition on the 1st Monday of the month.  The Advocacy Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of the month, and the Education Committee meets on the 3rd Monday of the month.  Individuals may choose to participate in the BARCC coalition meetings, on a sub-committee, or on ad hoc special project. All participants will asked to be actively engaged in the work of the coalition.  Individuals who wish to join the coalition but never attend meetings will not be considered members unless there are special circumstances that prohibit them from doing so. Decision-making is conducted by consensus. For this reason, it is essential for BARCC members to be engaged in the process. 
External Governance Structure

For purposes of organizational structure, the Bangor Area Recovering Community Coalition serves as a Health Action Team in an advisory capacity to the Bangor Region Public Health Advisory Board.  The mission of the Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB) is to provide advice and guidance to the City of Bangor and to other public and private healthcare organizations and public policy makers to improve the health status of the regional population.  BARCC, along with the Bangor Region Substance Abuse Task Force, provides feedback and input to the PHAB on matters related to substance abuse prev


ention, treatment, and recovery.  There is a formal linkage between the Substance Abuse Task Force and BARCC, though they operate independently of each other as they relate to the PHAB.

Internal Governance Structure

Other than the external structural relationship between the PHAB and the Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force, governance of BARCC is determined by its membership. Within the BARCC organizational structure, governance is achieved by the coalition itself with two standing committees.  The coalition has two officers: Chairperson and Secretary.  The Chair and Secretary serve one-year terms beginning in January.  The City of Bangor, Health and Community Services Department, serves as fiscal agent for the coalition.  In addition to the Coalition and its officers, two standing committees are also established:  Advocacy Committee and Education Committee.  Each committee has two co-chairs, and like the coalition, committee chairs serve for a term of one year beginning in January.


Unless otherwise determined, decision-making at the coalition and committee levels is achieved through consensus.  While other decision-making models may be considered at a future date, members agreed consensus as the best means to ensure that everyone is in agreement with the direction of the coalition. 
Bruce Campbell
Coalition Chair 


Coalition Meeting

BARCC Coalition Meeting
1st Monday of the Month
5:30 - 7:30
Bangor Health and Community Services
103 Texas Avenue
Bangor, ME
 Bill Lagerstrom
Coalition Secretary

 Shawn Yardley
City of Bangor
Health and Community Services
Fiscal Agent 
Joanna Russell

Advocacy Committee

BARCC Advocacy Committee
2nd Monday of the Month
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Eastern Maine Development Corporation
40 Harlow Street
Bangor, ME
Advocacy Committee
Lee White
Advocacy Committee
Melissa Anne Day

Education Committee

BARCC Education Committee
3rd Monday of the Month
5:30 - 7:30
50 Center Street
Brewer, ME
Education Committee
Bob Brewer
Education Committee