Community Resources

These are resources available in the Bangor area for those that are homeless and/or in need of assistance around food, heat, housing





Bangor Area Homeless Shelter

263 Main St
Bangor, ME 04401
(207) 947-0092

It is the mission of the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter to provide emergency shelter and supportive services to the homeless and economically disadvantaged of the Greater Bangor area.

BAHS is a facility open 24/7 providing both overnight shelter as well as a Day Program. We serve both homeless adults and other, very low income members of our community. Our primary purpose is to offer a form of crisis stabilization and then develop a support system to enable people to move beyond crisis and homelessness. We are emphatically collaborative in our efforts.

Contact person: James Winn, (207) 947-0092

Office fax number: 207 945-9032


 263 Main Street
Bangor, ME 04401
(See a map)

Web Site: None specified


 Corner of Cedar & Main Streets
  Nearest Bus Stop: Greyhound, 2 minute walk


ARC Shelter

Emergency Shelter

The shelter is open from 4:00 PM to
8:00 AM. 

The Emergency Shelter has the capacity to serve 31 men and 6 women. The focus of this component is to provide shelter for homeless individuals who may be actively intoxicated or drug affected. The Shelter Program is open to individuals 18 years of age or older. Shelter guests are encouraged to seek treatment and given priority for treatment programs.

Our van has designated pick up areas around Bangor from which to transport clients to our facility. Shelter guests are encouraged to seek treatment and given priority for treatment programs.


MANNA Ministries Shelter Elija's House

Elijah’s House is a 10 bed, extended care, treatment shelter for adult males who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Our facility provides shelter from 4pm to 8am seven days each week, with additional time allowed for planning and action toward goals and acquiring needed resources in the community. Elijah’s House is a “dry shelter,” which means that anyone under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol will not be admitted.


 Penquis Cap  Housing, transportation, heating assistance, daycare, health

 Domestic Violence

Spruce Run

Food banks


City of Bangor

City of Bangor Health and Welfare Department

General Assistance


The Department administers a municipal General Assistance program, authorized by State of Maine statue with support and oversight from the state of Maine Department of Health and Human Services. This program is designed to provide food, fuel, shelter, or other basic necessities to those in need when such necessities are not available elsewhere. General Assistance is intended to be a program of last resort, so potential applicants should pursue other avenues for assistance first. Eligibility is based upon need as determined through application process which includes an income-based formula.


Able-bodied adults who are not responsible for pre-school age children are expected to participate in the City’s workfare program as a condition of continued eligibility. Workfare assignments are made to various city departments and local non-profit organizations. The number of hours assigned is determined by dividing the amount of assistance received by current minimum wage. Workfare participants are expected to work 4 hours a day until their obligation is completed.


General Assistance applications are taken by appointment.  Applicants must bring verification of income and expenses for the past 30 days for everyone living in your household. For further information call 992-4530.  For emergencies outside office hours call 947-7384



Emergency Housing


Children under 18 years of age are referred to Shaw House, 136 Union Street, Bangor, ME 04401, telephone 941-2882. Active mental health consumers are referred to the Greater Bangor Area Shelter, 26 Cedar Street, Bangor, ME 04401, telephone 947-0092, and active substance abusers are referred to Acadia Recovery Community (a.k.a. Hope House), 179 Indiana Avenue, Bangor, ME 04401, telephone 973-6400.


For further information contact the Health & Community Services Office at 103 Texas Avenue
(992-4530) during regular business hours, or the Bangor Police Department (947-7382) evenings, weekends and holidays.
Shelter Plus Care


Shelter Plus Care

is a voucher program funded by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist in meeting the housing needs of the most difficult of Bangor’s homeless population. Funding for the program is awarded annually in a competitive process as part of the McKinney Homeless Act. Eligibility for the program is based upon housing status and diagnosis. Admission to the program is through a Case Manager.