Every Month on the Friday Closest to the Full Moon!

2018 - 2019

  • Grand Master: Drunken Donut
  • RA: Donno
  • Onsec: Donno
  • Hash Cash: Auntie Climax
  • Hash Cash Ass: Donno
  • Hash Piss: Seven Eleven
  • Trailmaster: Boob a Lube
  • Habedashery: Donut Hole
  • Hash Snacks: Seven Eleven
  • Hash Flash: Wiggler
  • Hash Flash Ass: Tom Yum Gung
  • Hash Web Page: Donno

Go to BTS Bangchak Station. Take exit 5; walk about 400 meters to Sukhumvit Soi 91 then turn right and walk 50 meters to Sawasdee Beer Garden.Past GMs

2004-2005 Mike ‘Whoremonger’ Rickard
2005-2006 Peter’Goldfinger’ Taylor
2006-2007 Jennifer ‘Late Coming Ball Slapper’ Sloan
2007-2008 Peter ‘Hard Nuts’ Brown
2008-2009 Segolene ‘Golden Shower’ d'Herlincourt
2009-2010 Heather ‘Iron Pussy’ Rich
2010-2011 Jo ‘Big Package’ Van Aubel
2011-2013 Joe ‘Auntie Climax’ Baker
2013-2014 Drew ‘Short Time’ Jeschke
2014-2015 Kung ‘Tasty Tail’ Belgreave
2015-2016 Frank ‘Noriega’ Allum
2016-2017 Paul ‘Cannonball’ Goodwin
2017-2018 Pom ‘Pat Pom’ Saunders
2018-2019 Eric ‘Drunken Donut’ Cornille

The Bangkok Full Moon Hash House Harriers was formed May 31, 2004 by Rick 'Dodic' Mendonsa, Mike 'Whoremonger' Rickard, May 'Tie Me Up' Wongsa and Elen 'Hungry Bum' Day (RIP).

We are a mixed hash that runs monthly on the Friday (usually) closest to the full moon (Check on the left). Runs are supposed to begin near public transport at 6:30p and are typically set on city streets. Runs should take about an hour for front runners with desired trail lengths of 6-7km. It's dark and dangerous on Bangkok's pothole-riddled sidewalks and streets, bring a torch, you could stumble upon rabid dogs, broken glass, rusty barbed wire and ladyboys, not necessarily in that order.

Run fees are 60 baht to cover the down down beer, you buy your own for personal consumption. Hashes typically end with an On After meal at a local restaurant with those staying usually sharing the cost.

Bangkok Friday Full Moon Hash -

Hares: Dutch Enhancer

When: 6:30 PM Friday, 21 September 2018




Questions can be sent to Onsec at kmarshment@gmail.com or call the onsec at 0899701988

See more pics at https://www.facebook.com/bfmh3/?fref=ts Bangkok Full Moon Hash Facebook Page

Pics also at  Google Plus

Bangkok Full Moon H3 Web Page is https://sites.google.com/site/bangkokfullmoonh3/home?pli=1


Contacts: Donno


Tentative hareline for 2018-2019. If the date works for you please confirm, If you want to have a different date, let me know and I will try and arrange a swap. If you just can't hare all year tell me and I will look for others.




21 Sep -Dutch Enhancer (confirmed)

19 Oct -Boob a Lube (confirmed)

23 Nov -Auntie Climax (confirmed)

21 Dec -Auntie's Bitch

18 Jan -Drunken Donut

15 Feb -Doggiestyle

22 Mar -Snakebite

19 Apr -Whoremonger

17 May -Roger Me and Mongolian Crotch

14 June –Ladyboy

19 July -Noriega

16 Aug - (AGM)- Next GM

Reserve Stand Ins (If one of you guys really wants to hare tell me and I will get you a date or pair you u with someone - in any case am sure dropouts will cause me to call on some of you)

Hot Lips
Tom Yum Goong
Cums Already (Seth)
Wide Open
Tom Yum Gung
Pat Pom

Other Hash Info

Siam Sunday H3