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Italian Cooking Course Sydney

italian cooking course sydney
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Our experience in Italy
Our experience in Italy
This photo has notes. Move your mouse over the photo to see them. We live in Sydney where Italian food has one of its highest standard (due to multicultural society and post war migrants), so food experience in Italy was really a challenge for us due to high expectation. We definately would avoid tourist traps as much as possible and make extra effort to search for real authentic Italian places. Result was all the pics posted here (also the next photo). We are yet to find a really good pizza due to lack of trying, and maybe also due to it is more of the specialty from the southern region of Naples. However, the term "Italian" food in Australia is always those familiar and common dishes except some high end restaurants might do a much better one; or you'll find pizza range under 'gourmet' which allow more creativity for the topping and choice of ingredients. Only more expensive restaurants do the specialties close to Italy's In Italy, 'Italian' food in fact mean very little to most Italians. To them there is Florentine cooking; Venetian cooking; Ligurian specialtes; of Rome or Naples; of Sicilian etc. United Italy was created in 1861, and not only the provinces retained their own traditions of cookery, but many of their products remain localised.

italian cooking course sydney
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