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Cooking Made Easy Recipes

cooking made easy recipes
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The Meatball Recipe
The Meatball Recipe
so many ask for this - thought I'd post up a picture of the well used recipe card... I have most often made the 3lb version, so it's sort of perfected. You can play around with the mix of pork to Italian sausage as you like. MEATABALLAS! (an authentic Italian recipe from my step-mom's friends in Des Moines) mix in a large bowl: - ground pork - Italian Sausage (HOT if you like it so - I have never tried that though) In a separate bowl, mix up this: - saltine crackers (crushed to pieces fairly well) - parsley (i use dried) - grated parmesan - ground garlic (skip the work and go for the ground garlic in the jar) - 3 eggs, beaten first, then add to above mix - salt and pepper to taste, or you can add it at the table Also Have: - a hell of a lot of tomato sauce (see below) I used to mix this all up by hand - first to blend the meats, then in with the spice/cracker/egg mix. If you have a stand mixer, the work will be easier, though the finished texture changes a bit. Half the fun is squishing the meat around anyway, right? SO, after all that mixing, form the mix into balls. I use my ice cream scoop to portion them, because I like my balls really big. Like 2" round finished. Oh hell yeah. Gently set a single layer of meatballs into a dutch oven or stock pot of boiling tomato sauce (enough sauce to submerge the meatballs in) and then cover the pot. Boil it all for 20 minutes, and for goodness sake, use a lid or that tomato sauce will be all over everything. I like to use the inexpensive Hunt's sauce (from the can), and usually go through at least two 29oz cans, and then some... it's nice to have extra on hand, but if you run out, add a little water. The sauce has a nice flavor after it all boils together, so use it with your meal/leftovers! After the first batch, we like to eat a dinner serving with some pasta and Parmesan while the second batch boils. If you use 2 or more pounds of meat, DO plan on tending to the second pot while/after you eat. The nice thing about this recipe is that once you make a batch, you may have 4 or 5 meals-for-two left over that you can freeze for a later day. Woot!
I Made Mexican (Vegetarian) Lasagne
I Made Mexican (Vegetarian) Lasagne
I made up the recipe myself, and it came out decent enough. It's like regular lasagna, but I added some veggies and made some easy ingredient substitutions: salsa instead of tomato sauce, sour cream instead of ricotta or cottage cheese, and Mexican cheese mix instead of grated parmesan or mozzarella. I'm sure vegan equivalents could also be used if needed. I prepared a one-pound bag of black beans. This was actually too much - you would probably be okay with half a pound (I think I ended up using between 2/3 and 3/4, and just saving the rest). You soak them overnight, then cook them (if you want, add garlic, olive oil, and salt)...alternately, you could probably use the canned kind and skip this step. I used a package of grape tomatoes - I put them in whole but of course if you want, you can chop them up. I also cut a green pepper into slices, and an avocado into small pieces. So, the lasagna pan had some oil in the bottom of it already, and I spread a layer of salsa (about half your salsa, one jar of Paul Newman's in my case) onto it. Put a layer of lasagna noodles over the salsa. Put the green pepper slices on top of the noodles, then pour half of your black beans over the pepper slices. Spread sour cream generously over the beans and peppers, and shake Mexican cheese mix generously on top. Add another layer of lasagna noodles. Spread some more sour cream onto the noodles, then add the grape tomatoes, the rest of the beans, and the avocado chunks. Add the last layer of noodles. Spread the rest of the salsa on top, and then shake the rest of your Mexican cheese mix evenly on top of that. You're all ready to bake it! I found that it needed salt, but it's probably best to let everyone add as much as they like. Enjoy and ?Buen provecho! :)

cooking made easy recipes
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