101.5FM WJEB

WJEB is a not for profit community radio station that has been on the air since 2013. WJEB has a rich history of changing with the times and tweaking to perfect broadcast range. WJEB used to broadcast on 88.7 (2013), 88.9 (2013-2014), 90.5 (2015-2017), 97.7 (2017-2018), and 87.9FM(2018-2019).

When WJEB began broadcasting, it played Top 100 pop music, like "What does the Fox Say" and "Gangnam Style". The owner and lead engineer of the station, at the time Pre-Pubescent John, could be heard announcing the station between songs.

During the "JohnRadio" era, 2015 - 2016, WJEB transmitted classic hits from the 1970s to the 1980s.

Eventually the station's transmitter was upgraded from a $5 transmitter to a $40 transmitter that broadcasts with 0.2 Watts. In 2018 John nearly perfected his antenna setup and WJEB traveled for about 1.3 miles in all directions.

In 2017, WJEB played Jimmy Buffett music, and expanded later in 2018 to include classic country music.

WJEB plays enjoyable music straight from the CD, unlike most other stations who distort songs to be louder, so listeners can enjoy the music being played the way it was meant to be heard.

 Quality station I r8 8/8

Genre: Country / Trop Rock
Rating: 10/10
87.9 FM
Callsign: WJEB