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Provides a forum for developers to exchange ideas about the direction of the protocol. Also includes the official protocol specification.
A freeware software program that can boost your BitTorrent upload ratio.
A magnet URL shortening service to make sharing magnet links for torrents easier. Offers an open API.
Open Source tracker software written in PHP which can automatically generate ed2k and Magnet URIs for all files in a torrent, and present them as alternate Links. Includes a support forum.
Bittorrent news and related information.
An independent movie distributor, that uses Bittorrent as its method of distribution. Movies are free to download and share.
Wikipedia: BitTorrent
Encylopedia article about the file-sharing protocol, including adoption, technologies, and legal issues.
You Have Downloaded
A database of IP adresses which may be searched to determine if an IP was used in torrent networks. Also offers searches for torrent hashes and filenames.