About Bangaroo

What is Bangaroo and Why should I use it?
Bangaroo isn't a traditional search engine. It searches through the work and projects of Vernon Hills High School students. To supplement the lack of information for certain topics, the Bangaroo Database was created. Creative commons, public domain, and student written articles are added to the Database every day. You'll even find pages about the hardworking students that help improve Bangaroo every day.  The Image Database is filled with all kinds of public domain pictures. You can use them for anything without citations! Bangaroo is great for finding primary sources, information, and pictures for projects.

What makes Bangaroo different from Google, Bing or Yahoo?
Bangaroo values your privacy and doesn't track you down like other for-profit search engines do. Websites like Google and Bing record every website you open using them and everything you search for to show you ads that are targeted towards you. You'd be surprised how much Google knows about you. The only thing we track is how many people use Bangaroo, and you can see the counter in the left sidebar. To see the number of users by day in a fancy bar graph, click on the counter.
Bangaroo was created because DuckDuckGo was blocked at our school (and still is), and there were no good privacy-oriented search engines that were allowed through the School's web filter. Bangaroo is a great way to find VHHS - oriented information, and useful information. You can find primary sources and resources for VHHS - specific classes.
If you don't find what you're looking for, I suggest using DuckDuckGo or Ecosia.

Bangaroo DOES value your privacy, however we do log:
  • What country you are from
  • What device/browser you use
  • What pages are popular
We use StatCounter to do this. Only we have access to device/country information, and it is only used to improve Bangaroo and check out what pages are popular. You guys can still see how many people are using Bangaroo with the counter on the left sidebar. If you click on it you can see how many people are using Bangaroo in different time frames.

Bangaroo was created by John Bilkey on Dec 19, 2016, at 9:18 AM because DuckDuckGo was blocked by the Lightspeed filter for an hour or so and he couldn't find a secure search engine to use.
It has transformed into a database that is maintained by: