08 Aug 2016:    Joined CELab, U-Michigan.

    29 Jun 2015:    Joined Intel Corporation.

    10 Jun 2015:    Defended Master's thesis at CSE IIT-K.

    31 Mar 2015:    Received IIT-K Academic Excellence Award.
    I'm a PhD student at CELab, U-Michigan working with Satish Narayanasamy.

    I worked at Intel's Parallel Computing Lab where I designed specialized computing systems to accelerate emerging workloads, particularly deep learning applications.
    I graduated with a master's in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur, where I worked with Mainak Chaudhuri on sharing-aware last level cache management for multi-processorsDuring my undergrad years at NIT Durgapur, I visited two leading groups on reactive processorsRTSys at CAU Kiel and PRETzel at U-Auckland; where got exposed to research trends in real-time embedded systems, predictable architectures, and synchronous languages.

    I was born in Kolkata and was raised in Maldah. I believe in secular humanism. I am also intrigued by astrophysics and cosmology.