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Kitesurfing in Pranburi: Just 3 hours from Bangkok this little pearl is Thailand's best kiting location
Kitesurfing in Pranburi: Just 3 hours from Bangkok this little pearl is Thailand's best kiting location
Bangkokrecorder headed down last weekend to Pranburi to check out a newly opened kite surfing school, located about 20 km from Hua Hin. Pranburi is probably the best kiting area in all of Thailand and as an added bonus it is still very underdeveloped and remote compared to Hua Hin for example. You can reach Pak Nam Pran beach in Pranburi in about 3 hours by car or bus (there are buses leaving every hour from Bangkok's Southern bus terminal), perfect for wa weekend trip. The best accommodation option is the Pulsawat Resort which is right behind the surf shop. It is an excellent value. The standard rate is just 1300 Baht for a luxurious bungalow. The price would probably be double in more touristy areas. The resort is 20 meters away from the beach. Food and cocktails are provided at the restaurant for extremely reasonable prices (40-120 Baht per dish, 80 Baht for a cocktail). During my time in Pranburi I was well taken care of by Colin, the school manager, who gave me a thorough introduction into kitesurfing and the things to watch out for. Colin has a great way to explain the things you need to learn and is very patient which is probably necessary (but not always the norm). Courses are available in English by Colin and Luka and in Thai by Bai. Bangkokrecorder sat down with Willy, the owner of the Kitesurf Thailand schools to discuss the current situation in Thailand: Hi Willy. Thanks for taking the time. I came down here to Pranburi for the first time actually. I found your place while searching online for a kitesurfing school in Hua Hin. For the ones who don’t know: Pranburi is just a short ride of about 20-30 minutes from Hua Hin. That brings me to my first question: 2. Why you chose to open up in Pranburi? What are the advantages of coming here as opposed for example to Hua Hin? After a long time researching alternative areas for kitesurfing in Thailand we came across Pranburi, being a sleepy Thai style holiday town this place was completely unspoiled and uncrowded, in fact I fell in love with Pranburi as soon as I got here. Main advantages over Hua Hin is first of all, Pranburi aint no city. Fields, mountains, farms and beaches all around, very natural. Hua Hin has still got that “Bangkok City” feel with heavy traffic and high rise buildings. In the November – March season the wind is very northerly and strong, this makes the tides very high in the Hua Hin area, you will find the main beach on Hua Hin at this time will have no beach most of the time, the wind direction also catches the high rise buildings making the wind very gusty, really not ideal for beginners. Pranburi luckily enough has beach all year round with steady strong winds, we tend to get a few knots more than Hua Hin due to the open area behind the beach, The waves also can be a little smaller than in Hua Hin at this time of the year. In the Mar – May Thermal season we would say Pranburi has the advantage of not being as crowded as Hua Hin, the main beach in this season can get up to 100 Kitesurfers on the water, this can be students and riders of all levels, there is also a lot of traffic on the beach itself with horses and kids playing around, this can be a bit of a mine field at times and people can get hurt in such a small area. Pranburi we have 7km of beach to spread out our learners and general riders, the area in front of Kite Zone School has a unique sand bar about 25 meters out, this is ankle to waist deep and perfect for beginners when learning, if they have a problem they can put their feet down at anytime, also it leaves room for the general riders upwind to enjoy the space without crashing into each other. To sum it up, Pranburi is Hua Hin minus the city, traffic and crowds, the place is full of honest country folk that will make your stay as homely as possible. 3. How is the (kite)surfing “scene” here in Thailand currently? Is it popular sport yet? Is it changing? The kitesurfing scene in Thailand is surprisingly booming right now, we have riders of all ages and origins joining in, mostly expats and young Thai guys jumping on board. I have seen a double in interest this year from last year and the scene just keeps on growing, according to unofficial figures, kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world right now and forever changing. The biggest changes in the industry are the riding styles and kite technology each year, the riding styles have went from huge long jumps hooked on to the kite and board offs to wakeboard style tricks unhooked and fully powered. The wave riding scene seems to be the newest addition, a lot of surfers are now purchasing kites, the ability to scoot from wave to wave with little effort, depower the kite and surf the wave as normal then ride off is very appealing, no more 1 wave days out of 4 hours on the water. I guess the biggest change this year in the kitesurfing world was the recognition from the ISF (International Sailing Federation) of kitesurfing as an officia
Winter street ensemble
Winter street ensemble
I had to go to court on a wintry semi-rainy day. That jacket is just the thing. It is a yachting "shell" jacket, light but wind/water-proof and you just put as much as needed underneath. What I had underneath was: 1: "New Zealand Nature" silk nightshirt, made in China, 2&3: "New Zealand Nature" long bamboo nighties also China, 4: "New Zealand Nature" marino wool "shearer's" sleeveless singlet, Made in the Manawatu New Zealand, 5: Quite heavy newer batch size "M" cotton knit T-dress, skirt about shin level, "Victoria Hill" made in China, 6: Another "shearer's" singlet, 7: A size "L" brown cotton T-dress, shorter than the black, which would be too long, 8: Black tailored skirt, made by "Damart" in China, 9: Aussie iconic "Rip Curl" surf guys T-shirt made in China. 10: Iconic New Zealand "Line 7" brand yachting wind/water-proof "shell" jacket made in New Zealand. The shoes are actually "Rieker" brand, "Sportlich" model, made in Germany. Same performance as a multi-coloured "sport" shoe, therefor very light and grippy, but 100% bouncer-proof. Not cheap but I've had them for years, and I guess they're fashion-proof as well! Thus I am well insulated and yet not looking over bulked.

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