Watch Superman Cartoons Online

watch superman cartoons online
  • A man with exceptional physical or mental ability
  • demigod: a person with great powers and abilities
  • The ideal superior man of the future
  • Superman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero appearing in publications by DC Comics, widely considered to be an American cultural icon.Daniels (1998), p. 11.
  • acid: street name for lysergic acid diethylamide
  • A simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, esp. a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine
  • (cartoon) a humorous or satirical drawing published in a newspaper or magazine
  • (cartoon) a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence
  • (cartoonist) a person who draws cartoons
  • A comic strip
  • A simplified or exaggerated version or interpretation of something
  • on-line: connected to a computer network or accessible by computer; "an on-line database"
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The League of Supermen (Part Three)
The League of Supermen (Part Three)
The ranks swell. The holy grails of the Cyborg Superman and Teen Titans Con-El ellude me...maybe one day. But there's still Supergirl, Bizzaro and a few more to chase down... Oh and Angelinawb still remains perplexed and mildly infuriated, "But...they all look the same! Except he's got glasses just keep buying THE SAME FIGURE!" Tsk, girls!
From The Eyes Of Ebetha
From The Eyes Of Ebetha
Lame, I know.... But this is my night currently. Watching a Batman/Superman cartoon and checking out things online.

watch superman cartoons online
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