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X Certs

The X Certs
New Wave / Punk 
Record Label Zama Music (a few rare copies) and Race Records

Their My Space is http://www.myspace.com/xcerts1978 but you have to be logged in and a friend to hear the audio and it's worth hearing! Screen right are pages from Alternative Sounds - Coventry's Music Fanzine from 1979 edited by Martin Bowes.

Originally called the Monitors. The X Certs created a lot of X Citement in Coventry as I recall c 1979 / 80 during a period when Coventry's music scene had took off again in the wake of punk and the Two Tone movement. A young Dave Pepper had played in his first band - Phoenix for the Hobo Workshop at the Holyhead Youth Centre in 1974. The first stirrings of what was to come were beginning their with Charley Anderson and some of the future Specials and Selecter teaming up with Neol Davies in the basement, Analog played for us, most of whose members later formed to original Reluctant Sterotypes -  Steve Edgson, Paul Brook etc and Neil OConnor in a band called Midnight Circus who later becameT he Flys. Dave was about 16 or 17 then. By 1978 the scene was kicking and Dave was asked to join The X Certs and magic happened!
From bass player Gary Summer's 
The X-Certs, from Coventry, England, began life in 1978 and lasted for 3 years. Zero Summers (Kev) had started playing
drums about 2 weeks before we got together. A Natural!!! Gray Summers, previously playing 6 string, changed to bass at the same time due to a lack of bass players in Coventry, at the time. Dave Pepper, was persuaded to join by kidnapping and threat of torture. He was pretty good and Gray and Zero didn’t think he would join a couple of novices. Swayed by our lack of good looks (it meant he would stand out!!) we got down to the nitty gritty of writing some tunes. Dave and Gray shared vocals and the song writing. Some decent tunes and a semblance of being able to play a bit materialised and we launched into gigs. Joined by Dave Chalmers (sound) and Chris King (previous manager of The Flys - check them out on my space, you’ll be glad you did!) we got rolling.

Our image was pretty low key as we thought the music spoke for us. Our following was pretty good, but the more visual bands of the time (the Specials/Selecter/God’s Toys) grabbed a huge fan base in Coventry. We won the Battle of the Bands at Warwick Uni. and suddenly 'got confidence'. Dill of God's Toys (a superb Cov. band see them on youtube) felt cheated. We'd probably agree with him. Gig after gig, a few recording sessions and interest from record companies materialised and then we sort of drifted apart really. The threat of the single release of 'FEELING IN THE
GROOVE' c/w 'SATISFIED' didn't materialise as the Indie record label ZAMA Records kept re-mixing it all the time. (They wanted fairy dust sprinkling over it !!!!!)" 

Gary says they had about 40 songs but most are on cassettes with little blips but Gary has manage to rescue some of them for his My Space 

From Gary's My Space  - a note on their song Satisfied
"Just a quick note to say a big thanks to the people who've given me positive feedback about 'Satisfied'. Me, Dave Pep and Kev were at the start of a practice session and I had this idea to shove a song into gear that would hit everyone as an opener to a gig. We had played a song called 'Here's the Weekend' ever since we had got together as the opener to gigs and after a couple of years of the same song we felt it was time for a change. 'Weekend' was kind of our equivalent of Quo's 'Juniors Wailing'. Satisfied seemed a good alternative. I sang the tune for Pep and Kev and they kicked into this manic guitar/drumming (with that exhausting double bass drum kick) and we were off. We wrote it in 15 mins. and we were over the moon. We played it live first time at the Hope and Anchor, London. It set the mood for the gig proper and it
stuck from then on. You seem to like it from the general feedback and that is 'satisfying'. Really though the energy comes as a four piece contribution. Dave Chalmers produced the sound and the final mix and I don't think anyone better could have done it. So Thanks for the good vibes. Gray Summers."

Gary Summers bass.

Dave Pepper after X Certs!

Gary Summers

This next piece I think goes with an article above about the contest!