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c 1970 / 71 was Al Docker's band.

A progressive band led by drummer Al Docker and based at the Coventry Arts Umbrella where Al had been involved in organising the band nights.

I was also involved with Al organising the band nights and remember Tsar and I think the line began as a three piece (according to Denis Burns) with - 
Al Docker - drums
Ron Lawrence Bass 
( Ron had just left the folk rock outfit April - later went on the play with Sniff and the Tears and session for the kinks etc.)
Charlie Bullen - guitar.

At some stage Loz Netto became involved as the guitarist (he'd played with
with John Bradbury on drums and also later played with  Sniff and the Tears - on the single Driver).
Tsar also recruited a sax player from Warwick and a female violinist.

Tsar played their own material.

Tsar practiced at the Umbrella and played there. They also played the Lanchester poly tech, Whitley Abbey School among other venues.
Above - cutting on Tsar from the Broadgate Gnome 1970
Charlie Bullen
Al Docker

Comments from the original Hobo site on Vox blogs

If I remember correctly, Tsar started out originally as a 3 piece - Charles, Al, and Ron Lawrence on bass.


Posted by: Dennis Burns | 03/30/2008 at 07:36 PM

Yes I think you are right Denise, they were a three piece at first - didn't remember that Ron Lawrence was the bassist but it makes sense as his band April had split up by then and Ron Played with All at the Shilton Cottage later in the year in Runestaff. Later still in the 80's Ron and Loz were in Sniff and the Tears.

I should know this as I was around them at the Umbrella but it was a wee while ago and I have no documentation to promt the memory apart from the Gnome article! So thanks.

Posted by: HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine | 03/31/2008 at 04:52 PM