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Tobias Heat

Tobias Heat c1969 - 71
Was an early band Bob Poole was involved with.

Bob Poole went on to play with The Motorvators, Cupids Inspiration / Chevy / Red On Red/ Billy Rankin Band.

Circa 1967. Baz Matthews, Andy Moffat, John O'Connel and Bob Poole.

Tobias Heat kicked off the Music Marathon at Coventry Arts Umbrella Club November 1969 - see here http://coventryartsumbrella.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/music-marathons-1969-and-1971.html

They played the usual heavy rock and progressive gigs in the Coventry area such as The Village (Colin Campbell), Plough Club - London Road / and in 1971 1971: Tobias Heat -The Walsgrave Pub.

Bob Poole's biographical piece tells us how he went from Tobias Heat to Cupid's Inspiration.

Tobias Heat”, playing Cream and Hendrix stuff. A guy my age lived down the road from us and we would have friendly competitions playing our guitar as loud as possible as the other walked past, trying to impress. He was in a soul group called “Jalopy Ride” and his name was Paul Shanahan. Paul then went off to play for 6 months in Canada and when he returned he got a job with Cupid's Inspiration. I was well pissed off until one day not long after he asked me if I would like to be their roadie. I immediately said yes as this was a chance to travel and be on the road and who knew what might happen? In 1971 I got my break. We were in Scotland in Kirkcaldy on New Years Eve, a big money night and Cupids bass player was too drunk to stand up on the stage. I had been watching carefully and knew all the songs so I grabbed his bass and said words to the effect of “I can do that”. That was my first real professional gig and from then on I became a bass player."