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Tiara Buana Jazz Band

Tiara Buana Jazz Band http://www.peksound.co.uk/pekProduction/cd260.php (Link to their CD)

Probably from another musical era of Coventry being a Jazz and blues Band but I mention them because they were
very popular during the 70's in Coventry with a long standing residency at the Earlsdon Cottage and could be found playing at many venues around Coventry, often advertised in the Coventry Evening Telegraph and we mentioned their residencies in the Hobo Whatz On sections. 

In the mid 70's Jazz Rock was popular with a lot of bands like Trigon, Analog and some of their off shoots, Bung, Reluctant Stereotypes, Wave, Khayaam exponants of this and the Earlsdon Cottage Jazz club was a place to go with rock musicians learning from seasoned Jazz musicians.

The band has been going now for 50 years and in 2008 made a CD. they formed in 1958.

Line up included Trumpet (Trombone / cornet) / Double Bass / Electric guitar / and Drums and vocals.
Three founder members are still involved with the band today.

"Their music covers a wide spectrum of traditional jazz styles, as the list of tune titles shows, and everything they play is done with great enthusiasm and good taste. An all-round excellent band, which really should be much more widely known. They had a cassette recorded about ten or so years ago but amazingly this is their first CD! The tune titles are:- Bouncing Around, Some Of These Days, Faraway Blues, I Saw Stars, Frog-I-More Rag, Big Fat Ma And Skinny Pa, Paramount Scuffle, Linger Awhile, I’m Minding My Own Business, When I Come To The End Of My Journey, Oriental Man, For All We Know, Just Wait ‘til You See My Baby Do The Charleston, Saratoga Swing, I Lost My Girl From Memphis, Swing That Music. The line-up is Brian Bates cornet; Dave ‘Spud’ Taylor clarinet & tenor sax; Brian ‘Watty’ Wathen trombone; Dave Wagstaff banjo; Barry Potts bass; Al Sharpe drums. "
This information for this website where the CD can be bought http://www.peksound.co.uk/pekProduction/cd260.php

And from the Coventry Telegraph 

" Brian recalls the band's beginnings. "I guess it all started in the early 1950s when me and my school pals were
watching the Coventry Carnival and a lorry went by with a band on the back. 

"They had a stripped-down piano, bass, drums, banjo, guitar and the usual front line of trumpet, clarinet and trombone. 

"They wore pork pie hats and shades and they were playing the most wonderful music. We were all really knocked out and all agreed that we had to have some of this. 

"Afterwards we found out that they were a band from the Coventry Jazz Club, so we started going there to listen and learn. Although we were not old enough to be in a pub, they let us stay, although we weren't allowed to drink." 
The boys were determined to form their own band and started as a basic mouth organ band, then an accordion band. 

Brian recalls: "Jazz was the music for us, so we bought some cheap instruments and taught ourselves to play them. We formed a band called The Sherbourne Jazz Band and our first public appearances were doing the interval at the local jazz club. 

"The break-through came when we started a regular Monday-night slot in Rugby at the Co-op Club. 

"The line-up then was me on trumpet, Brian Wathen on trombone, Dave Wagstaffe on banjo and guitar, John Read on clarinet, John Astle on drums, Len Young on sousaphone and Bernard Overton on piano. 

"I suppose the most notable thing that happened to us there was when they booked the Mike Mulligan Band with George Melly and we were the support." 

The band became The Tierra Buena Jazz Band in 1958 and began their 11- year stint at the Pilot Hotel in Coventry. 

Brian says: "We had reasonable audiences when we started, but after we represented Coventry on television on the BBC's Top of the Town it really took off. We had met some dancers on the show and invited them to come to our Monday sessions. 

"In those days we charged two shillings at the door and we had a line of people down the stairs and across the car park waiting for us to open up. 

"The Pilot was a really good dancing club. During our time there a friend of the band, local jazz writer Roy Whitehead, had Wild Bill Davidson staying with him and Bill played with the band, which was a great thrill for us." 

Mac Randle replaced John Read when he left the band, but the swinging 60s and rock bands saw audiences dwindling. Brian says: "We were moved downstairs to a smaller room with no piano, so we lost our pianist, Bernard Overton

"When Mac Randle left us Watty Wathen switched from trombone to clarinet and Graham Slann joined us on trombone. Then John Astle left and John Ashby came in on washboard." 

The band began playing jazz at The Cottage in Earlsdon in 1969 and John Ashby went from playing washboard to drums 

The band played at The Cottage until 1976 and during that time Graham left and Paul Munnery joined on trombone. 

They've played in and around Coventry over the years including Virgins & Castle in Kenilworth, the Black Horse at Marton and Princethorpe Social Club, but have played Monday nights at the Cocked Hat in Binley since 1993. 

The line-up has changed quite a few times over the years and bass player Sam and drummer John Ashby have both died. 

John collapsed and died at the Cocked Hat on August 16, 1999, when they were playing the last tune of the night. Despite this the band went on and Al Sharpe is now the resident drummer. 

Brian says: "The Tierra Buena Jazz Band has been 'blowing' around Coventry for 45 years plus. It may not be unique, but it's quite a record. 

"The sad thing for us now is that we feel like the last of the dinosaurs and wish that a few youngsters would come along, like we did, so we could encourage them to play, as we were encouraged. I'm glad to tell our story before we all disappear into the mists of time." 

Buena's eras 

THE band play every Monday night at the Cocked Hat, Binley. "

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YouTube Video

The video's from the new venue, (North Warwickshire Cricket Club, Binley Rd, Coventry, CV3 1HB, on Monday evenings).

YouTube Video

An example of the band with vocals.