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Boys Blue

circa 1964-5
R&B / Beat group

This site explains some of the confusion between this band and The Sorrows 
"The Boys Blue's 1965 single, "Take a Heart"/"You Got What I Want," has been a source of some confusion among serious British Invasion collectors. Some have believed that the group was a pseudonym for, or an earlier version of, the Sorrows, because both songs were also recorded by the Sorrows. Additionally, both songs were written by Miki Dallon, and the Sorrows recorded four Miki Dallon songs during their brief existence. It turns out, though, that the Boys Blue were an entirely different British group, who recorded the Dallon compositions "Take a Heart" and "You Got What I Want" on a May 1965 HMV single that came out before the Sorrows had done their versions. At any rate, the songs were excellent, tough R&B/pop fusions, and although they were done reasonably well by the Boys Blue, the Sorrows' renditions are superior and definitive. It was the only single by the Boys Blue, although their singer, Jeff Elroy, did a single in 1966 for Philips that was credited to Jeff Elroy and the Boys Blue. Both tracks have been reissued on a number of British Invasion obscurity compilations. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi"

This blog site hosts the cover of the single and audio of both Sorrows and Boys Blue. http://northeastbeast.blogspot.com/2009/06/boys-blue-take-heart.html

says "Having more in common with the MC5 than the British Invasion groups, Coventry, England’s raw and explosive The Boys Blue shoulda been contenders."  Click through to see more.

From Broadgate Gnome
Both sides of their (very collectable) single written by Miki Dallon and later covered by The Sorrows.
Pic from this site where you can buy the single I think.

or different versions by other bands here http://www.secondhandsongs.com/performance/29271
A: You Got What I Want / B: Take A Heart (HMV POP1427 1965)

You Tube of Boys Blue

This 1966 performance on Italy’s Studio Uno TV program. 

YouTube Video

Take a Heart - Boys Blue 1965

YouTube Video

Another version You Got What it Takes

YouTube Video

The single version of You Got What I Want