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Kevin Harrison's band - From Hobo (Photos - Kevin and Lynda Harrison from the Whistler days - early 70's)

In 1973/4, I interviewed a band called ZOASTRA for Hobo. They were the core of an earlier band in the 70's called
WHISTLER (named after the painter) and which later became the nucleus of URGE in the late 70’s / early 80’s.
The band consisted of John Westacott (bass) / Richie (Headrock) Medlock (Drums & vocals / writer) / Zodicoaxial (Kevin Harrison) on guitar / 12 string / electronics / composition). Lynda Harrison – Synthesiser / keyboards and vocals. They were one of the early bands into experimental electronic and sythi
sounds. In the room I witnessed all kinds of electronic boxes and synths as Kevin tried to explain the concept of the new band to me. Kevin gave me the following lyric / poems for Hobo. However they were never published as Hobo folded shortly afterwards.  The lyrics were based on cut ups - Bowie was experimenting with this, influenced by William Burroughs. As far as I know, this configuaration never got to the gigging stage. It seems to have been a transitional stage between the progressive music of Whistler in the early 70's and The Urge in the late 70's. John Westacott had also been a member of the early version of Last Fair Deal (already blogged about). Whistler were regulars at the Coventry Arts Umbrella c 1969 / 71. 
From Kevin Harrison

"Zoastra was indeed a transitionary project, it was certainly more experimental than Whistler but contained seeds of the cut-up poetry/prose that 'urge' employed to good effect in the late seventies.

Envisaged as a Science-Fiction/Faction vehicle there were 2 line-ups, the first included myself, Charles Bullen (later 'This Heat' member), two drummers Gary Curtain & Al Docker, Lynda Harrison and John Westacott, this formation rehearsed twice at The Nags Head, Nuneaton. 

The second line-up is the one you describe and rehearsed every weekend at Packington Lodge for a month or so, we almost did a gig for a barbecue there, but they opted instead for a band playing Rolling Stones covers!"

NOTE- Earlier I thought this interview took place in 1974 but the article below is typed on the back of one of my own songs from June 1973 - so it may have been earmarked for the July issue of Hobo (No2) which never came out owing to John Bargent (who partly financed the first issue) leaving. No 2 finally came out in August but for some reason this article wasn't published. I suspect it was because the band split up. 

The article below contains the cut-up lyrics that Kevin gave me when I met with the band in 1973 /4. 

Addition - I Have Just Found the draft article on Zoastra for Hobo.


Mirror image falling

Visceral plains converging

Tactile dactylites tacky on Vu-screen

Increase photo-image fall-out

Micro-sonics beaming in on all sides now

We must not reiterate

Protect isometric scanner gamma shields

Psyche in on sound and image flakes

Laser-tronics up full-sound.

Dip! – Cut!

Re-program atmosphere

Dials set zero

Now Millennium.

Lyric by Kevin Harrison

And thus I was transcended into the Kozmic Realm of  ZOASTRA. ZOASTRA being the collective name of four musicians joining creative forces to produce what they call "Strictly 70's Head Musik".

The line up is composed of the following characters: - 

Mr John Westacott on Bass Guitar, Electric Footware and Grunts.

Richie (Headrock) Medlock Drums; impressions; Vocals and songs.

Zodi-Coaxial (Kevin Harrison) Guitar, 12 String, Electronics, Vocals, Composer.

Lynda Harrison - Synthie keyboards, Vocals.

Imagination tuned to the Big note

Got sussed in a space

Got spaced and sussed the

Angle at which all life

On this planet evolves

Like an envelope the smaller

Part of encapsulation

Bitten by my transmuted mind

Found alive two ice-frozen

Humans licked down the waste

Eaten true in haste.

(Lyric by Kevin Harrison)

Some of the members may be familiar to some of you as ex members of the Coventry band Whistler but from talking to the band and listening to their tapes, their current muzik is, as Eddie Cohran would say "Somethin' Else".

They are, at the time of writing, considering the possibility of visual effects to illustrate their muzik further.

If you are into spacey head muzik then watch out for Zoastra. If you are a dancer, then beware, unless you are the weirdest dancer this side of Swanswell!!

Neon strip ice-cream dripped back in time

To Formentara

Cinematic surfing girls serve it up in dreams

Venus seems so far, Lurex factor sleeps

Micrograms run down zingel, lightening

Caressing skin, time spaced abstract


(Lyric Kevin Harrison)

Gadgets smashed fast through a universe