Neol Davies (formed Selecter) - Guitar / songwriter / Vocals

Desmond Brown (joined Selecter) - Hammond Organ

John "Brad" Bradbury (joined The Specials) - Drums

Steve Wynne (aka Vaughan Tive) - Bass, (joined Swinging Cats)

Kevin Harrison (Joined Urge) - Guitar / Vocals

An exclusive pre Selecter practice version of Neol Davies song - On My Radio by Transposed Men

from Kevin Harrison's Musical history site - here

Neol Davies band before forming The Selecter. The band were doing material that Selecter later did including the Selecter hit On My Radio (Kevin Harrison had a demo version of this by Transposed Men on his Personal History site - which seems to have disappeared now). Neol Davies had written and recorded the instrumental track The Selecter back in 1977 - played by himself and John Bradbury on a four track portastudio and produced by Roger Lomas. At that stage the band Selecter didn't exist. When the track The Selector was released as the B side of Gangsters by the Specials, Neol formed The Selecter from out of Transposed Men (him and Desmond Brown) and the rest from ex members of Hard Top 22 and the addition of Pauline Black.

From Kevin Harrison's Personal History -

I join 'Transposed Men'. The name comes from a sixties book cover I have glued to the front of an old

drum machine. Neol and Brad were already friends of mine and the line-up showed great promise I had 

already recorded a few demos of Neol's songs at Brad's cellar in Warwick at a prior date. Anyway the main bulk of the songs we played became staples in The Selecter's set and many featured on their first album. Virgin Records were interested but nothing happened. Anyway when Brad left to join The Specials everything fell apart. After awhile Neol and Desmond teamed-up with some of the ex-members of Hardtop 22, Pauline Black joined them on vocals, and The Selecter was born, Steve Wynne eventually joined The Swinging Cats and sometime after that Dexy's Midnight Runners"

From Marco on Bass interview with Neol Davies

We rehearsed a set and played several gigs, and nearly got a deal with Virgin Records. The line up included Desmond Brown on Hammond organ (who joined The Selecter), Kevin Harrison on guitar (he later formed urge) and Steve Wynn on bass. I have one recording of several songs from a mono cassette at a rehearsal which Kevin has helped me archive and enhance."