Team 23

Team 23

From left to right: John Hewitt, Lynn Thompson, Adrian Vaughan, Roy Wall, Sax
Jerome Heisler, Jim Lantsbury, Gary Summers

Soul band along the lines of Dexy's. Dave Pepper left to reform the X-certs. Jim later joined Raw Screens who became King.

Jerome Heisler - Vocals 

Dave Pepper - Guitar replacd by 

Jim Lantsbury - Guitar 

Graham Smith - Bass 

Adrian Vaughn - Keyboards 

John Stonki Hewitt - Drums (later with King on Love and Pride)

Dave - Sax 

Roy Wall - Sax


Whatever moves you / Move into the rhythm - Race 1981

Memories from Jerome Heisler via Rex Brough

"Graham Smith (previously of the X-Certs) asked myself, Adrian and John to form a band with him and

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 Dave Pepper. This, under the watchful eye of Dave Chalmers (Mr.C.) friend / manager / sound technician is what became Team 23. Pep left (too many cooks) and was replaced by Jim Lantsbury (later of King etc). We started recruiting horn players and became the punk / soul seven piece known as Team 23. We supported Dexy's, Madness, toured with the Specials and played a load of gigs of our own all around the country. We recorded one single funded and produced by John Bradbury and released on his own "race records". By the summer of 81 the steam had gone out of it, I left and moved to London which is where my family originally come from. God bless you everyone'

And from John Hewitt 

" Team 23, great band that should have been massive. Toured with Specials in 1980, also with Madness, and John Bradbury paid for and did our single. Band split and reformed and did 1 gig at Sportsmans Arms in Cov in 1981."

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Room For Doubt (with Brad -drummer of Specials)
There are more and some live tracks from Norwich

Via John Hewitt- Photo of John Hewitt and Jerome Heisler as they are now.

From Gary Summers X Certs My Space.