Gus Gary 'Judge' Chambers (Vocals)
Trevor Evans (Keyboards)
Johnny Rex (Drums)
Kevin Turner (Bass)
Stuart Maclean (Guitar)

Single"21 Gunsb/w  "Ambition Rock"  - Neville Staples Shack Label 1981

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On the John Peel show they apparently did the two single tracks and one called Dark Night.
The single is apparently available for download on Media Fire - HERE

In 1981, following in the footsteps of Specials drummer John Bradbury's Race Records, vocalist Neville Staple's and his then girlfriend Stella (from The Bodysnatchers) launched Shack Records. Their first signing was ska/reggae band 21 Guns and the single included the songs "21 Gunsb/w  "Ambition Rock". The songs were also produced by Neville, and peaking at #46 on the UK Charts after 3 weeks.

The band, formed by ex-Specials roadies Trevor Evans (Keyboards) and Johnny Rex (Drums) and included Kevin Turner (Bass), Stuart Maclean (Guitar) and Gary 'Judge' Chambers (Vocals), had previously recorded a three song session for John Peel in early February 1981 based in their connection with Golding and The Specials. The session included the A and B side of the single as well as the song "Dark Night".

The band scored a support slot opening for Hazel O'Connor and their short set list included their three original songs plus 2 covers ("Too Hot" by The Specials and "Johnny Too Bad" later covered by UB40).

21 Guns appeared on the John Peel Show

21 Guns
Ambition Rock
Dark Night

The band 21 Guns had connections to The Specials as their lead singer Gus Chambers had been
the singer with the Coventry punk band Squad replacing Terry Hall when he left to join the Specials. By 1981 he was fronting 21 Guns who recorded the single 'Ambition Rock' for Neville Staples' label Shack Records.

Gus Chambers passed away in 2008 - Tribute here on Hobo site

Memories from Trev Teasdel
" I never got to see 21 Guns live as I left Coventry back end of 1980, but I met Stuart Mclean, the guitar player, at an EMF (Mojo (Tony) Morgan's Sky band) gig when they playing in a pub in Tile Hill. We walked back into Coventry centre after the gig and what a nice guy.

He told me about his Ceramic guitar. I never got to see it but obviously it was a bit special. (I found a picture of a ceramic guitar on the net - see below). About a year later after I was established on my course at Teesside Poly, I found their single
Ambition Rock and 21 Guns in WH Smith and bought it. I don't have a record player now and the disc is lost in the loft somewhere now (I Think) but it was never off the turn table while I studied. Cool tracks. I think Stuart is still playing in the Huddersfield area"