Stevensons Rocket

Stevenson's Rocket

Kevin Harris - Vocals

Alan Twigg - Bass

Mick Crowshaw - Guitar

Steve Bray - Drums

Dave Reid - Keyboards

Rex Brough says - 

Coventry's answer to the Bay City Rollers! Pete Waterman, while he was working as A and R man for Magnet spotted them at Tiffany's. They'd served their time playing the "beer and burger" club circuit, yet their age range was still only 16 to 18. Pete Waterman wrote and produced their solitary top thirty hit. "Alright baby" is a classic slice of exhuberant mid-70's pop. The band also appeared on PW's own hit "Good-bye-ee". Live, their set featured 50's chestnuts like "Heart and Soul", "Teenager in love", and the later single "Poetry in motion". I reckon it's the Waterman influence at work there.

In a copy of music week circa Nov 1975, the band were saying they'd like to be able to write their own stuff.

I remember even seeing them on Top Of The Pops - Great, but what happened next!?!?

Alwyn W Turner came up with some answers! "The bass-player now lives in the Isle of Wight and I've tried getting hold of him via his son - whose email I have - but no luck so far. I'm interested because (a) they weren't a bad little band, but mostly (b) they genuinely had reason to belive that they were going to be huge stars ... and then nothing happened."

Thanks Alwyn for the picture. It's also to be found on his site dedicated to 70s British pop


Alright baby / Teenage Dreamer - Magnum 1975

Here I am / Don't love seem strange - Magnum 1976

Poetry in motion / Teenage guy - Magnum 1976

Memories from Mark Haley

"I had quite a connection with the band. Many years ago I was invited down to Magnet records by Pete

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Waterman. He had a song called 'Alright baby'. The audition went well and Pete said he would organise some studio time. I never did get the phonecall. I was only 13 and I think he thought they would need someone a bit more experienced. When the song made it into the charts, I naturally followed it's progress, while feeling a bit miffed that it wasn't me.

I'm aware that the record was bumped out of the chart briefly because of suspected 'buying in'. The band's career swiftly nose-dived when they ended up in Sunday tabloid scandal. By that time I was singing in a band called Dandy who did get to appear on TOTP (1978). We never really looked like getting anywhere, didn't fit in with the new wave stuff happening at that time, and I decided to leave.

My replacement turned out to be Kev Harris! The band changed their name to the Spitfires and had one more single released on RCA - a cover of Friday On My Mind. I stayed friends with the band and got to know Kev very well.He has lived in London now for many years and done consistantly well as a recording engineer. Last I knew he was working with Rob Deacon who released all the 'Volume' CD's a few years back and some Of Paul Van Dyk's singles. Kev also played bass on a 'nostalgia' tour I was the MD for. Eden Kane, Craig douglas, Jet Harris and Heinz were some of the acts on the bill.
Hope this was of some interest"