Terry Hall
- Vocals replaced by 

Gus Chambers - Vocals 

Danny Cunningham - Guitar 

Mark Hatwood - Drums at some point 

Billy Little - Drums replaced by 

Rob Hill - Drums 

Scully - Guitar 

Sam McNulty - Bass replaced by 

Nigel Mulvey - Bass 

Johnny Adams - Guitar 

Steve Young - Drums

Great punk band with a bewildering line-up. Gus went off to form 21 Guns


Millionaire / Brockhill boys 
Red alert / £8 a week

This was the band from which Terry Hall came from before the Specials. Gus Chambers also went on to quite a musical career and Johnny Adams had been in many bands in the 70's spanning blues, club and leader of Fission - an outfit in the general area of Hawkwind in the mid 70's - they almost had a contract in the bag with Island c 1974 but group disputes put an end to that. Johnny's guitar playing ranged from punk, rock blues and classical and he wrote his own songs too.

Memories from Nigel Mulvey

"I played on the Flasher on the "Sent from Coventry" album, the line up then included  Gus Chambers (Vox), Johnny Adams (Gtr), Nigel Mulvey (Bass) and Steve Young (Drums) both John and Steve had previously played with RU12 (pre two-tone) this was the final incarnation of Squad."



Coventry band. Classic single Red Alert / £8-A-Week(Squad 1978) . Sing along a punk with great riff and tune and a touch of 'The Kids In America' style crooning ! The b-side was covered by the Last Resort
and is set to a sort of Johnny B Goode style toon. Second single 
Millionaire / BrockHill Boys (1979 Squad) continued this rock'n'roll style punkiness unfortunately.  One other excellent track , 'The Flasher', exists by the band on the 'Sent To Coventry' compilation.

The band  were formed at the end of '77 and originally featured Terry Hall ( later of The Specials) who is credited on the label of Red Alert. So many line up changes meant 6 months after releasing the two singles none of the original band remained !

The Squad being filmed by the BBC 1978 below

Band: Gus Chambers - Vocals. Danny Cunningham - Guitar. Sam McNulty - Bass. Marc Hatwood - Drums.

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YouTube Video

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