Circa 1969 (Jan 23rd 1969 to May 24th 1969 - Line up; Paul Kennelly (vocals), Dave Sutton (guitar), 'Lil' (bass), Granville Barber (drums). Previously
called The Motion, Kennelly and Barber formed Natural Gass. Sources Broadgate Gnome 
and Paul Kennelly and Sabu - Allen Parsons.

After Sabu - Allen Parsons left The Motion, Paul Kennelly took his place and after one gig they changed their name to Revolution (because Paul pointed out another meaning to "Motion".  In the seventies Allen Parsons reformed Revolution and called it Revolution 69 and the had a residency at the Plough on a Sunday. The line of the Revolution 69 was - 
Allen Parsons,  Paul Ashfield, Barry Frost 

In the photo : Bob Hopkins ( keyboards ) Dave Sutton ( Guitar ) Paul Kennelly ( Vocals ) Granville Barber ( Drums ) Reg Galland ( Bass Guitar ). 
Revolution renamed from The Motion 23rd January 1969 and split up 24th May 1969 when Dave Sutton left. Relaunched as Natural Gass with Martin Lucas on guitar.

Paul Kennelly recalls -
" We relied on a member of the band's family to bus us around in an old Bedford Utilabrake. This was very unsatisfactory as , on occasion, he would just refuse to take us ! Luckily , Bob Hopkins got in touch , he was looking for a band and also he had a van ! Thus we became a five piece."

Below is a video from Sabu - Allen Parsons  from the early 70's at the Plough - London Road Coventry with Allen Parsons,  Paul Ashfield, Barry Frost. Not the original Revolution but Revolution 69.

YouTube Video

More cuttings from Paul Kennelly of the original Revolution.
Bob Hopkins reads the van door !

Outside Overslade Crescent, home of Bob Hopkins. In this photo : Dave Sutton, Paul Kennelly, Pete Smith, Bob Hopkins and Granville Barber.
Paul Kennelly - " One problem with The Motion was that they were all very young ( when I joined Dave Sutton was still at school ). Revolution lifted the band on to a new level and it ceased being a School mates band and became semi pro standard. This did not suit everyone ( some had studies etc to attend to ) and so , Reg Galland left the band and he was replaced on Bass guitar by Pete Smith ( ex NEW CITY SOUNDS )."

Pete Clemons article gives some of the background to this band