circa 1969 - 1970 - Source Broadgate Gnome

Psychedelic Pop

Line up: Martin Cure (vocals), Roy Albrighton (guitar), Terry Leeman (organ), Graham Amos(bass), Gordon Reed (drums) ( Paul Wilkinson Drums + a keyboard player)

Previously The Peeps, became Rainbows early 1969 with the recruitment of Reed on drums.

They also made a drastic image change, wearing make-up and sporting Vidal Sassoon hair styles and long flowing robes in rainbow colours.

Signing with manager Ashley Kovacs and moving to London they signed with CBS and released 2 singles.

'New Day Dawning' had previously been recorded during the later days of The Peeps in March 1968.

When they split Albrighton formed German - based Nektar, (Interesting link) who he's still with today.


A: Rainbows/B: Nobody But You (CBS 3995 1969)

A:New Day Dawning/B: Days And Nights (CBS 4568 1969)

Tracks found on Compilation CDs

Rainbows - on "Circus Days Vol 4/5

From Pete Chambers - Godiva Rocked to a Backbeat

"The Peeps reinvented themselves as a progressive band in the mould of Traffic called Rainbows with sculptured hair, bizarre eye make up, multi-coloured flowing robes and moved their base to London. They just about scraped into the 70's before becoming Still Life. They released a lot of stuff on CBS and spent a lot of time in Germany at the Star Club in Hamburg. Ozzy Osbourne (Pre-Sabbath) joined them on stage for a finale."

Rex Brough adds" The song "Hell hole" by Spinal Tap bears a strong resemblance to the A-side "Rainbows". Roye Albrighton went on to fame with the German based progressive band, Nektar, Albrighton later played with Quantum Jump. I preseume the fluid guitar playing on their hit "the lone ranger" was his. It's worth a listen. Wilkinson and James went on to Flying Machine and success, stateside. Roy Albrighton Site