circa 1969 - 71

Tim James -  alto-sax, tenor-sax, clarinet, electric-piano, harp and vocals (Tim played with Acme Electric Patent Band / Soul Sect / Bo Weevils / Monster Magnet / Last Fair Deal and others  - his website is http://www.timjamesblues.com/index.htm#top
Joe Craner drums, trumpet and vibes
Phil Porter bass-guitar, string-bass and acoustic-guitar

From Tim James site 

Ra Ho Tep [1969-1977ish]
the name of an Egyptian sun god and an appropriate name for a band in the 60s/70s. Featured myself on alto-sax, tenor-sax, clarinet, electric-piano, harp and vocals, Phil Porter on bass-guitar, string-bass and acoustic-guitar and Joe Craner on drums, trumpet and vibes.  We very often played one piece of totally improvised music per set, although the pieces developed strong formats as we played them, due to our almost telepathic understanding of each other. People would ask us how long it took to put these complicated arrangements together. I didn't have the heart to tell them that we "made it up as we went along".  We also played "covers" by as diverse a collection as Marvin Gaye, Laura Nyro, James Taylor, and many more  who would never have recognised their songs after we'd finished with them. Our finale was nearly always Concierto de Aranjuez, a moody piece by Spanish classical composer Joquin Rodriguez. We played all over the country ... people tended to love us or hate us, the latter if we were mistakenly booked to play college discos - where our style of music didn't fit in with "Brown Sugar" and the like.
I think we peaked in 1973 with the Polyglot Dance Group. when we teamed up with some student dancers from a college in Surrey and incorporated modern dance into the improvisational routine. After a few years Joe got other commitments and we did recruit temporary drummers. The band eventually folded due to our own other commitments and geographical difficulties "

Comment by The Broadgate Gnome from the original Vox Hobo site c 2008

Joe Craner , Percussion and Phil Porter, guitar.
Old mates from the Marquee days in the sixties ( Boll Weevils) and mad enough to agree to Sphincta handling them.
It was their desire to play in the ruins that started that all off.
I think their Arjens bag is in the gnome archive on here

(BWs having a reunion type thing this Summer..)
Posted by: BroadgateGnome | 03/26/2008 at 07:55 PM