The Plague

The Plague

Source - Rex Brough

Tom Ryan - Drums

Ray Haywood - guitar 

Paul Kennely - Vocals 

Modie Albrighton - Guitar 

Dave Faircloth - Keyboards

December 1967 to April 1968

Beat group - Line up: Arthur Albrighton (guitar), plus others . Arthur is

Roy Albrighton's brother. they became Peppermint Kream .This band changed it's name to the Peppermint Kreem.

The Plague were also known as The Makeshift before they became The Plague.

Paul Kennelly tells us
" With the addition of Bob Hopkins, who had moved from guitar to keyboards, we decided to switch names from Makeshift to The Plague. Bob Hopkins of course, goes right back to my Art School days so he was hardly a new face but he did add a new dimension to our sound. Our first gig with the new name was Friday, December 8th at The General Wolfe, Coventry.This photo session was in The War Memorial Park, CoventryWe did 46 gigs as Plague, then , first of all , Brian left the band and I believe , finished playing drums altogether . We replaced him with Tom Ryan from " The Pacifics " then , very suddenly, Bob Hopkins announced he was leaving. I have to say, we were not expecting it. I can remember very clearly , we were all standing in the driveway at the Barker Butts flat. Trying to decide what to do. Yet again, a name change was agreed. Ray Haywood suggested Peppermint Creams and I said, how about Peppermint Kreem . On 26th April 1968, we appeared as a 4 piece at The Heart of England Club , Meriden , as Peppermint Kreem. It would be July 13th before we set on a new keyboard player ( Dave Fairclough ). "

Pete Clemons article for the Coventry Telegraph gives the background and developments to the band -