The Pink Umbrellas

The Pink Umbrellas

Source - Rex Brough / Dean Nelson / Pete Chambers / Steve Edgeson

Paul Sampson - Guitar, Vocal 
Steve Edgson - Clarinet

joined later by 

Rob Hill - Drums 
Barry Jones
- Bass

This is Paul Sampson's psychedelic band. Superb! Paul became the main engineer and producer at Cabin recording studios, and had hits with the Primitives. One of Coventry's heroes...

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YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Memories from Gary Swain

"I spent many evenings in the early 80's watching the Pink Umbrellas. I know they recorded an album for Ready Steady Go that was never released but a while ago I heard from Steve Edgson's former wife that he has a copy of it. I'd love to get hold of a copy. It would be a shame never to hear Lucy's Room again."

From Dean Nelson -The Pink Umbrellas

In 1981, Steve Edgson & Paul Sampson formed “Pink Umbrellas” along with Robin Hill and Barry Jones. Their

music was described as “Psychedelic Pop” and was influenced by The Beatles, early Floyd and The Doors. They released one single in May 1982 “Raspberry Rainbow” on the “Ready Steady Go” label."

Below Paul Sampson in The Pink Umbrellas

From Pete Chambers - Pop into the Past
"1981 Paul and Steve moved formed The Pink Umbrellas.The band began as a duo, eventually blossoming in to a fully-fledged band, with Paul taking on the lead vocals. Paul's love of the psychedelic was much in evidence with tracks like Raspberry Rainbows and Mind of a Child. It was around this time Paul became the house producer at Coventry’s Cabin Studios.

In 1984 the Pink Umbrellas (or The Attic Dressers as they were then known) split and Paul concentrated on production and engineering at Cabin studios."