circa 1965 - 1969 Source Broadgate Gnome  / Rex Brough / Dean Nelson

Pop group

Line up: Martin Cure (vocals), Roy Albrighton (guitar), Graham Amos (bass), Paul Wilkinson(drums). 

(Steve James -Guitar (original guitarist) / Terry Wyatt - Guitar - both left replaced by Albrighton and became the Peeps

"The Peeps formed in 1965, in Coventry, at the Holyhead Youth Centre, run by the father of their original guitarist - Steve

Jones.They were spotted by bandleader Cyril Stapleton who had presumably popped in to check the mini-skirts! He secured a deal with Phillips.They appeared on Thank Your Lucky Stars and Border TV, promoting single after single. After the addition of a keyboard player and a European tour, the name was changed to Rainbows, but fame eluded them, although after they split Roy Albrighton a certain amount of it with kraut rockers Necktar in 1969."

Previously The Sabres the band cut 5 good singles for Philips and toured extensively in Europe, where they had a loyal following.

Jimi Hendrix supported the Peeps at York University and a year later the roles were reversed in Sweden by which time Jimi was huge in the UK. The Peeps did loads of tours in Scandinavia 

They Added Terry Howells (ex- Ray King Soul Band) on organ in 1968 and cut a number of tracks in Radio Luxembourg Studios, with Albert Hammond producing ( session cornet was played by

Dick Cuthell, later to play with The Specials.)

Also called themselves The Peypes and Martin Cure And The Peeps.

With addition of a keyboard player they became Rainbows in 1969.

Martin Cure went on to be vocalist in the reformed Cupid's Inspiration in 1971 and

later Chevy. "Martin Cure- who before Cupids Inspiration and then Chevy, was the vocalist with such bands as The Peeps, Rainbows and Still life, set up good time R&B band The Rogues and he still performs with them today. He is the owner of P.A. Company “Cable P.A.” and with some of his old friends occasionally does Cupid’s Inspiration gigs." Bob Poole 


A:Now Is The Time / B:Got Plenty Of Love (Philips BF1421 1965)

A:What Can I Say / B:Don't Talk About Love (Philips BF1443 1965)

A:Gotta Get A Move On / B:I Told You Before (Philips BF1478 1966)

A:Tra La La/ B:Loser Wins (Philips BF 1509 1966)

As Martin Cure And The Peeps :

A:I Can Make The Rain Fall Up / B:It's All Over Now (Philips BF1605 1967) (written by Hazelwood / Hammond)

Tracks found on Compilation CDs

It's all over now - on "Rubble" Vol 1 - Bam Caruso
And on Psychedelic Snarl - It's All Over Now

Other Compilation appearances include: Now Is The Time on English Freakbeat, Vol. 5 (LP & CD); 

Gotta Get A Move On on Echoes From The Wilderness - Sixteen UK R&B Freakbeat Trippers. (LP & CD)

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