ORANGE was Mojo (Tony) Morgan's first Coventry band late 60's - 

Mojo Morgan, ryth'm guitar and vocals.
Steven Harrison, drums.
Graham Dewis, bass guitar.

Mojo told us  " I just left school and put a 3 piece band together called Orange.  I was playing rhythm guitar and vocals, and Steve Harrison on drums, and Graham Dewis on Bass. We used to do lots of cover versions from The Doors, Cream, Stones, and that sort of thing! Graham Dewis's parents had a farm near Stoneleigh Island, not far from the N.E.C (Birmingham National Exhibition Centre). We used to practice there all the time. In the summer, we would practice out side to all the passers by on the motorway. The cows and the sheep liked us! We were young and just didn't care, and had a great time!"

Mojo went on to play with Roddy Radiation of the Specials in SAMMY EARTHQUAKE AND THE VOLCANOES