The Motion

circa 1968-1969 - Line up:  'Sabu' Allen Parsons  replaced by Paul Kennelly (vocals), Dave Sutton (guitar), 'Lil'  Reg Galland (bass), Granville (Con) Barber (drums). Kennelly
replaced 'Sabu' Allen Parsons. 
Became Revolution in 1969.

Paul Kennelly replaced Allen Parson and after only one gig the band changed their name to Revolution. Later revolution was reformed for a while with Allen Parsons on vocals again. This time they called themselves Revolution 69. (See the post for Revolution)

Paul Kennelly tells us " The bass player, who had a rather nice Beatle Bass Hofner, was called REG GALLAND He was a neighbour of the drummer , Granville Barber. Dave Sutton used to calll Reg " Lil " ... that was Reg's mothers name .
After Dr Slagg's Confessions were consigned to the bin I went to The Navigation,  Sunday 19th January 1969 for a pint of Mrs Arkle's fine Ale and to see what " The Scene " was.  A band from Bedworth were playing. They were called The Motion . Their vocalist was " Sabu " Allen Parsons who used to jump over several chairs in a line as part of his stage act. I don't recall Sabu being there on that night.   At the end of the evening, guitarist Dave Sooty Sutton approached me and asked was I interested in joining. The band were a bit rough at the edges and I really wasn't sure. On the following Tuesday I rang and agreed to do a gig with them as a try out. This was at The Hare and Hounds in Keresley.
I agreed to join on the understanding that the name be changed. I honestly think they did not realise the alternative meaning of the word " MOTION  On January 26th The Motion changed it's name to " REVOLUTION ". Within a week of seeing the band at the Navvi, we had re named and re launched.   I replaced singer Alan " Sabu " Parsons in the band The Motion in January 1969.   One problem with The Motion was that they were all very young (when I joined Dave Sutton was still at school ). Revolution lifted the band on to a new level and it ceased being a School mates band and became semi pro standard. This did not suit everyone ( some had studies etc to attend to ) and so , Reg Galland left the band and he was replaced on Bass guitar by Pete Smith ( ex NEW CITY SOUNDS ). " From

Sabu - Allen Parsons.

This is The Motion - reformed and live after 40 years in Bedworth much with Allen Parsons on Harmonica and Vocals.

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Allen Parsons (Sabu) on drums

Allen and Julie Parsons

Allen Parsons (Sabu) in action. Rumour has it he was quite a performer.

Pete Clemons gives some of the background to bands associated with the Motion and features Sabu and Paul Kennelly.