The MakeShift

The MakeShift

Brian Griffis - Drums 
Tom Long - guitar 
Ray Haywood - guitar 
Paul Kennely - Vocals 
Modie Albrighton - Guitar
Tom Long joined Pinkerton's Assorted Colours.
Memories from Modie Albrighton (Via Rex Brough)

        "This band was short lived, but the members went on to other bands. Paul Kennely became the singer in the Peppermint Kreem and song writer Modie Albrighton went to Germany and played in bands and became as well known guitar and blues harp player" The became The Plague

Below gig list from Paul Kennelly - more on Paul Kennelly's Peppermint Kreem facebook page

The makeshift in 1967 - Final Line up This is Makeshift with Ray Haywood ( lead guitar) Arthur Albrighton ( bass guitar) Brian Griffiths ( drums ) and Paul Kennelly ( vocals ) . After another day of auditions , down at Coventry Boys Club , we were very pleased to welcome Ray Haywood in on Lead Guitar. We now had our settled line-up.

MAKESHIFT ( ONE ) Spring 1967 at Meriden Manor Hotel . 

Paul Kennelly
tells us " 
This was the result of weeks of try-outs with several musicians in an effort to find a line up. When TURBINE lead nowhere, Brian Griffiths and Paul Kennelly held sessions at Coventry Boys Club. It was an open invitation to anyone interested and among musicians who attended were Tom Long and Maxie Roberts. I had put an ad in the Telegraph and Arthur Albrighton responded.    The only person who seemed to gel with us was Arthur Albrighton .We had been offered a wedding reception gig at Meriden and so that we could honour the booking , we borrowed Brian's brother, Roy who came in on bass guitar along with a friend who played rhythm. Arthur , on tyhis occasion, played Lead guitar. Because it was a last minute/one off line up, we called it " Makeshift ". 

From the outset, Tony Kemp became our manager and it was not long before we had proper business cards and some decent gigs. Also here, my Musicians Union Card 1966/67.

Makeshift was the first time that Modie and I palyed together ( the band was cobbled together , hence the name ). All the other bands on this page are ones that we shared gigs with or met at the two Coventry music shops at that time, Paynes and Cranes. Journey of a lifetime or " Joalt " as we knew them , were a bit younger than us and were frequent players at the old Navigation Inn . Mrs Arkle kept a good house there. I was never a member of Joalt but we did all jam together at the " Navvi " on one occasion and they liked to hang out with us up on Barker Butts Lane in Coventry. Paul kennelly. Below full list of gigs.

Pete Clemons article on Peppermint Kreem gives context and background to this band.