circa 1972-1974

Line up: 

Bob Jackson (keyboards),

Tim James -  sax, harmonica, keyboard

Mick Smitham - Guitar 

Ron Laurence - Bass

Roy Butterfield - Bass

Paul Hooper - Drums

Tony Fletcher - congas

Phil Street - congas

From Hobo


Coventry's Supergroup of the 70's. A loosly formed group of Cov musicians, fresh from touring or out a band or otherwise up for playing. Consisted of ex members of Indian Summer / April / Ra Ho Tep and more. Mostly in the Golden Cross. here are some pieces from HOBO Magazine c 1974 -



"Musicians from a selection of Coventry bands, past and present, have formed a local 'Super Group' calling themselves MONSTER MAGNET. The band, which first hatched at the beginning of 73, has a loose line up of about 9 musicians and only do selected gigs, owing to the size of the band and the cost of keeping such a band on the road. It also depends on the availability of the musicians involved as some are currently with other bands. It also gives musicians who are in between bands a chance to play whilst out of work. The line up (although this varies) consists of such 'devastating musicians' as  Mick Smithem, Phil Street, Tim James, Paul Hooper, Col Williams, Steve Cotterill, Bill Jackson (Ex April lead singer) , Bob Jackson (no relation), Roy Butterfield, Ron Lawrence (Ex April bassist and later with Sniff and the Tears)Dave Pennycock and Little Jimmy Osmond and all! A cool band full of top Coventry musicians".


Memories from Tim James (Via Rex Brough)


         "Monster Magnet [1972-1975ish] comprised a variable number (5-15) of musos from other bands who shared a love of early US rock, soul & blues and would play with the band if other commitments allowed. Played "covers" by Johnny Winter, Stevie Wonder (early stuff), Steely Dan etc and played all over the country. I have a very blurred memory of this band but do remember Paul Hooper on drums, Ron Laurence on bass (sometimes), Roy Butterfield on bass (other times), Mick Smitham on guitar, Bill Jackson on piano and depressing songs (which we always found an excuse not to play), Bob Jackson on organ, Tony Fletcher on congas, Phil Street on congas, and anybody else that came"

 along on the night." 

New Communication from Phil Randall Feb 2016 - 
" Trev
Worth noting that Monster magnet were playing till at least 1976/7 as I wasn’t in the area till 1974 and used to work with Phil Street at Nuneaton Council.

Also,if you know anyone who knows where Phil is now, some of his old friends are trying to track him down
Phil Randall"

Photos from Tim James Blues Page