Mighty Avengers

Mighty Avengers c 1962

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      A Rugby based quartet     
Sources - Rex Brough / Pete Chambers (Backbeat) / Dean Nelson         
Biffo Beech - Drums, Vocals

Tony Campbell - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Mike Linnell - Bass, Lead Vocals

Kevin Mahon (aka Beppy)- Guitar, Harmonica



Hide Your Pride/Hey Senorita (Decca F 11891) 1964

So Much In Love/Sometime They Say (Decca F 11962) 1964

Blue Turns To Grey/I'm Lost Without You (Decca F 12085) 1965

(Walkin' Thru The) Sleep City/Sir Edward And Lady Jane (Decca F 12198) 1965

The Mighty Avengers came from Rugby and with

Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham, who got the band signed to England's Decca Records in 1964, he 
produced and recorded Jagger/Richard songs. They released four singles in two years and made a specialty of covering songs by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards,"So Much In Love" was a minor hit. Tony Campbell, the one in specs was later the one in specs in Jigsaw, along with Kevin. 
Dean Nelson says "One is intrigued by the B-side of their final single, "Sir Edward and Lady Jane," which manages to squeeze references to the founder and head of Decca and a notable Jagger/Richards song into its name.
In 1966, lead guitarist Tony Campbell hooked up with ex-Pinkerton's Assorted Colours bassist Barrie Bernard and keyboardist Clive Scott and drummer Des Dyer,who'd written songs for Engelbert Humperdinck, to form Jigsaw, which had a long,successful history in England"

New article by Pete Clemons from Coventry Telegraph June 2013 HERE http://coventrygigs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/the-mighty-avengers.html

Pete Chambers - Backbeat  - Coventry Telegraph c April 2006

The Mighty Avengers - By Pete Chambers

Formed in 1962, The Mighty Avengers had four claims to fame. Claim to fame number one, saw them link up with loose Cannon manager Andrew Loog Oldham (after their initial release Hide Your Pride failed to do the business) - who just so happened to be managing the Rolling Stones at the time. So the Mighty Avengers got to use the songs that the Glimmer Twins (Mick n Keef) deemed less that worthy for Rolling Stone use.

Claim to fame number Two, one of those songs So Much In Love, was a record that became a record (if

you see what I mean). Although only charting at a humble 46, it never the less made history by being the first ‘local’ band to dent the UK singles chart. (Frank Ifield had already clocked up 13 hits in the hit parade by this time, but he was of course classed as a solo artist as apposed to a group).

The Mighty Avengers went on to release the singles Blue Turns To Grey (later a hit for Cliff Richard and written by the Stones) and the sublime tour de force (Walkin’ Thru The) Sleepy City. Sadly Tony

Campbell (lead guitar, vocals) Dave ‘Biffo’ Beech (drums and vocals), Mike Linnell (bass and lead vocal) and Kevin ‘Bep’ Mahon (guitar and harmonica) failed to dent the charts again as The Mighty Avengers, but……

Claim to fame number three, the band would later re-emerge as Jigsaw and take the music world by storm with the ever popular sky High.

Claim to Fame number four, When the late great John Peel died, he left a box of 142 - 7” vinyl singles, believed to be his favourites, amongst them

was the single So Much In love. When you look at the company it was keeping, (I refer to the likes of Elmore James, MC5, the Beatles and of course The Undertones), it’s easy to see what an impressive legacy the band left behind them.
I recently managed to track down the legendary
and very elusive Andrew Loog Oldham, and asked him if he remembered the Mighty Avengers?, he replied, "Of course, often and fondly". I asked him if he felt they could have been bigger than they actually were? He replied in his usual Delphian way, "We had good songs, and as I recall, had a nice time getting them done, and you can still hear it, it doesn't get much better than that".
" The most successful Coventry group on the national scene are, without doubt, The Mighty Avengers. They were a diappointing 6th in our poll. Once again the emergence of a group onto the national scene has meant that many of their less fanatical fans had drifted away. " Via Tim James site From Coventry Express, Friday May 28th 1965
Citybeat by Paul Connew

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