Mad Cat Molly

Mad Cat Molly c1974

This was a band promoted by Sunshine Music agency (Craig Ward / Bob Young etc). They had a single for the Bell

Label written by Bob Young (who was in Sweeny Todd and A Band Called George). The single was called Dancing to the Music and originally earmarked for another of Sunshine's bands The Earthquakes ( who were from Derby but resident in Coventry). Mad Cat Molly also played regularly for Q Artistes in Coventry.

The band consisted of -

Steve Lore - Lead guitar; Mick Murphy - Rhythm guitar; Paul Wright - bass; Chris Potter - Drums.


MAD CAT MOLLY are another band set to make a single for possible release on the Bell label. Again it is a Bob Young composition (no relation to Neil Young Jamie!!) called Dancing to the Music originally going to be done by the Earthquakes who hail from Derby. The line up is Steve Lore on lead; Mick Murphy on Rhythm; Paul Wright on bass and Chris Potter on drums. They have quite a few booking lined up around the country thanks to Sunshine Music Agency.

Also from Hobo..."They now have quite a few bookings lined up around the country thanks to Sunshine Agency"

Described by Q Artistes as "Coventry's No1 Rock n Roll Group"

Another drummer who played with Mad Cat Molly was Alan 

He says " 
in 1972, auditioned for a band called Mad Cat Molly in Coventry and got the job doing schools and Coventry Carnival shipping the kit around in a Morris 1100." He also played in the Money Spiders in the 60's.






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