Was a short lived but great band that formed around the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club in 1971.

I can't recall the full line up but the band consisted of -

Al Docker - Drums

Tony Cross - Keyboards

Loz Netto - lead guitar

Paul Feltwell - lead vocals


I have a feeling Charles Bullen may have been in it too but not sure and a female violinist - the violinist, Charles and Al had been in the band. 

The band rehearsed at the Umbrella club where Al Docker had once organised the bands and Tony Cross, a classically trained pianist, was on the Umbrella Executive committee.

Paul Feltwell and Loz Netto were studying drama at the Brooklands Annexe (where later Paul King also studied drama)

Love Zeus had a good sound and I recall them playing at the Belgrade Theatre and the Lanch Poly as well as the Umbrella Club.