circa 1969 / 70 / 73 -4 / 2000 to now.

Three piece Country Blues acoustic outfit - offshoot of Wandering John in late 60's early 70's -

Original line up 1969 - 70 - John Gravenor  -Vocals / John Westacox - Harmonica / Violin / John Alderson - Dobro(Delta Resonator Guitar)

New line up 1973 - 74 (Sandersfoot - Pembrokeshire - John Alderson - Dobro / Delta Resonator Guitar / Piet Brinton - Guitar / Vocals / original songs /art work.

Recent Line up: in the 2000's Tim James (vocals, harmonica), John Alderson (Delta Resonator and electric guitars), Paul Hooper Drums or percussion.

2010 - 1st line up revived for 40th anniversary at the Sphinx Club Sept 2010.

Last Fair Deal 2010 at the Sphinx Club, Coventry - 40th Anniversary.

YouTube Video

Last Fair Deal was an offshoot country blues outfit from the full blues rock band Wandering John c 1970. I first saw the three piece at the Coventry Arts Umbrella Club October 1969 when they played at the Transcendental Cauldron weekend of Underground Arts festival.
Above,1970, Last fair Deal played Pete Waterman's Progressive night at the Walsgrave in Coventry.

John Alderson moved to Saundersfoot in Wales in 1973 and formed a new duo which he also called Last Fair Deal with songwriter 
Piet Brinton. This was their card above and they entered the Melody maker Competition in that year - below.

This is a later version with John Alderson and a full band version with Tim James.